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The Message of Perseverance: the story of Bopdeb

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  • dharmaja
    This story always gives me determination-smiles and gratitude- tears. From Great Indian Meals , Part 1, story #4 The Message Of Perseverance When Bopdeb was a
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      This story always gives me determination-smiles and gratitude-

      From "Great Indian Meals", Part 1, story #4

      The Message Of Perseverance

      When Bopdeb was a young boy studying Sanskrit, he was the worst
      possible student. In everything he used to fail. His parents used to
      scold him mercilessly and his teachers beat him black and blue, but
      nothing did any good. Finally his teachers gave up and threw him out
      of school. Bopdeb was such a fool that his parents did not want to
      keep him either. So poor Bopdeb, feeling miserable, left his home
      and went to the nearest village.

      Bopdeb used to pray and meditate under a tree near a big pond. One
      day, he saw some village women carrying empty pitchers to the pond
      and filling them. For quite a few days Bopdeb observed that after
      the pitchers were filled, the village women would place them on the
      stone steps by the pond and then go bathe and swim there. After
      getting refreshed, they returned to the village with their pitchers
      of water.

      One day, when nobody was there, Bopdeb came near the spot where the
      women always stood and noticed something significant. He saw that
      the stone where the women would put their pitchers was being worn
      down. It was no longer level with the rest of the step. Bopdeb said
      to himself, "If, because the women placed their pitchers here
      repeatedly, even the stone is wearing down, then what is wrong with
      my brain?" From this he got the message of perseverance. He
      said, "Perseverance will always reach the goal."

      He started praying and meditating, and after meditating seriously
      for a few days, he started reading his old Sanskrit grammar books.
      Previously he had been the worst possible student in Sanskrit, but
      this time he was able to remember what he read. He continued his
      studies and, by perseverance, eventually became the greatest
      Sanskrit scholar, especially in grammar.

      5 January 1979

      Just think! In school, he was so useless that he got kicked out, and
      even his parents kicked him out of their home, and out of the
      village, because they were so ashamed of him. But he refused to
      surrender to the inevitability of fate!

      Kali Kali Kring Kali Kring Kring Kring
      Kali Kali Kring Kali Kring

      Never give up!

      From Guru's book "Today", aphorism for July 14, pg 214:

      I am not going to bow
      To the inevitability of fate.
      I shall change my fate
      And no longer remain
      In the mind's desire-prison.
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