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Re: Love Is Understanding - Gratitude - Peace - Compassion 2008

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  • adhiratha
    Dear Michael, =================================================== ... ======================================================= Some how in this short piece
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 1, 2008
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      Dear Michael,
      > My Lord,
      > Have you cursed me or blessed me?
      > This new heart is precious beyond compare,
      > And is very close to Your own Soul;
      > But whenever I use it,
      > I feel nothing but suffering.
      > My child,
      > This heart works a little differently
      > Than your old stone-heart.
      > To use this Universal Heart,
      > With each breath you must inhale Peace
      > And exhale Compassion.
      > * * *
      > Michael"
      Some how in this short piece you have expressed so simply a powerful
      understanding that my tired mind can not yet fully comprehend but sees
      a hope full light flickering -- and at the same time my being
      resonates with some deep recognition of experience that says YES.

      For this New Years day can it be that
      "My Lord..new heart precious beyond compare .
      ...whenever I use it I feel nothing but suffering"
      expresses the highest and deepest
      that up to now has been granted
      as we leave 2007; and

      "each breath ...Peace...Compassion"
      is a responding whisper
      to our eternal wish
      and God's promise for 2008 and beyond?

      with deep Gratitude
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