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Re: A short post about candles

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  • shane_dublincentre
    Hi Doris I loved this article like anything and read it over and over again, each time finding something new to ponder on. I often feel this way as well as I
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 2, 2007
      Hi Doris

      I loved this article like anything and read it over and over again,
      each time finding something new to ponder on.

      I often feel this way as well as I go about my daily business, shaking
      hands, talking the talk of daily life. We are in the business of
      spreading the fragrance of Reality.

      Sometimes we can show people the actual flower; other times we know
      that they will just tear it apart if we do. So we merely let the
      fragrance that has been coaxed forward in our meditation flow out
      through our heart, our eyes, our smile.


      ps I am travelling at the moment, and brought a bag of little
      tealights and holders with me but they all disappeared out a hole in
      my rucksack on the way.....

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      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Dear Shane,
      > I am not sorry for the late reply. I didn't want to let go of this so
      > sacred image in my mind of a brotherly shared holy place. I don't
      > know whether what I see is your room in reality but it's holiness in
      > it's great simplicity and all the lit candles and Guru's pictures and
      > Mother Kali makes it so precious to me and I feel at home there. I
      > could speak for hours and hours only about candles. I love candles.
      > They remind me of the ancient past where there was no electric light.
      > Some faint memories maybe...I so much love simple places with almost
      > nothing added inside; only white walls and if possible the love that
      > was given to them. I think of monks and nuns in a monastery, I think
      > of jails, I think of churches, I think of a palace in Germany near
      > Heidelberg.
      > Recently I was sitting in the bus on the way to my beloved room. (I
      > always find excuses to leave my working place earlier than expected).
      > I just can't stand it, I have to go home. I feel that it is the place
      > where God lives with me. I am so proud that God is living withe me
      > and does not have to be in the street. (This is something Guru once
      > said (paraphrasing) that if we do not build a shrine at home he has
      > to live in the streets. As a child I have been living in the streets.
      > I don't want God to live there.
      > Also, when being in New York, no matter how modest the place was I
      > stayed I sometimes had to leave Aspiration Ground to be alone and
      > sing and meditate. I was more receptive when not being outwardly with
      > Guru and so many people.
      > At the place where I am currently working I sometimes even have my
      > best meditations at a special location (if this says you something).
      > Sometimes I am going to a nearby park and often I can go to a nearby
      > Madal Bal store for midday meditation. But the special place has
      > become holy to me because I can meditate there - I can be alone.
      > There in the bus I suddenly felt so proud that it was possible to
      > live a life of a modern nun. I feel even more like that since Guru's
      > passing. Almost nobody in the streets know that we are modern nuns
      > and monks! We are God-lovers and among that outer turmoil called life
      > we are diving within and meditate on God. That thrills me to the core
      > of my being. Whatever we are doing we do it for Him - in His Name.
      > (Not to forget that he has chosen us to be his children out of his
      > infinite bounty. I don't remember I have ever done anything special
      > for him to get chosen).
      > Whenever things are unbearable I can look up to the sky. That is
      > it.
      > Recently I bought candles that are spreading the fragrance of cocos
      > when you blow them out. Then I imagine Guru getting joy from it as I
      > am getting joy. (some candles are smelly when you blow them out and
      > are destroying the atmosphere because they put some softener and
      > other unhealthy things inside).
      > I am touched by your simple way of living. I feel in comparison as I
      > would be living in a palace in spite of having only one room. For me
      > to leave that room is always painful. You are even sharing your room.
      > You and Matthias seem to be good friends.
      > I too appreciate Guru's love for Mother Kali. (it made me laugh that
      > you can not handle the wires on the back of the picture. Do you not
      > own a not so shiny lap-top and writing a lot of inspiring articles on
      > the Sri Chinmoy website?)
      > Now it is up to us to feel Guru's so divine presence around us and
      inside us. And I think he makes it so easy for us to jump on the train
      of meditation.
      > I have a little jar that contains some clay from the ground breaking
      > ceremony. When I put my hand in the pocket I feel with great joy I
      > own a little Tennis-Court with all it's sweet memories. I feel I am
      > right there; it comforts me. At other times when I feel left alone in
      > the turmoil of the streets and strange places I am taking it out and
      > open it slowly to put my finger inside and touch the clay gently. It
      > feels good. It is a miniature world of love and I carry it in my
      > pocket.
      > Hope this is not too awkward English and you got my appreciation for
      > living such a simple and holy life in such a tiny room together with
      > a friend.
      > Doris
      > P.S. Say hello to Colm. It was a pleasure for me to retype the
      > consolation-message. I too keep it close at hand.
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