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Next Door, Next Door, Next Door

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  • sharani_sharani
    I pray for the words to hint at the preciousness and gratitude I feel for my experiences in New York this weekend. Some of my centre members were awaiting my
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2007
      I pray for the words to hint at the preciousness and gratitude I feel
      for my experiences in New York this weekend. Some of my centre members
      were awaiting my arrival home from work to travel down to NY for a
      Saturday night function at Aspiration Ground and when I got stuck in a
      traffic jam on the highway due to an accident, it started to seem
      entirely possible that I would have to tell them to leave without me.
      Luckily the delay was not as bad it as it first appeared and it gave
      me pause to ponder that favorable circumtances enabling coming to NY
      that night were not something to take for granted.

      Now where does one find the words to give voice to the inner journeys
      and blessings that can rain down on our hearts and heads as the sweet
      "children" - disciples - of Sri Chinmoy.

      When silence and mystical pathways unfold inside, words kind of get
      left at the threshold. Because I write here so frequently and have
      most recently talked of sadness, I feel once again :-) duty bound to
      try to share with my dearest brothers and sisters the cherished
      blessings and sacred atmosphere permeating every molecule during this
      weekend in New York. If you are my partner in sadness, I yearn for
      your heart to fly into the joy that Purnakama beckoned us towards.

      When ordinarily I prepare to attend a function, the act of showering
      and donning garments for prayerful activity help create the
      foundation. Even though I prepared to attend a function without Sri
      Chinmoy's outer physical presence visible to my human eyes, I
      devotedly tried to clean up inside and out as I got ready to head over
      to the court. Am I the only one who finds inordinate satisfaction in
      simple things like wearing pristine, new white clothes to a special
      function since they are completely free of any previous vibration? As
      I donned my recently purchased white sari, new blouse, socks etc. I
      felt a little inch closer to a spirit of prayerful preparation and
      anticipation. And somehow I felt it was the same as if I was going to
      a function with Sri Chinmoy present - as if I would still be seeing
      him - just not in the traditional sense of things.

      Now you might be tapping your foot in impatience and say "why is she
      talking about new socks and such" - when is she going to get to the
      sacred molecules part of the equation? Maybe I'm pussyfooting around
      it because like I hinted, it's kind of hard to put it into words.

      well here goes the good old college try. You know how the miracle of
      being Guru's student offers you those moments where you feel like
      lifetimes of progress sift through your fingertips just being in his
      presence? If you tried to describe it, your non-disciple friend might
      shake their head in puzzlement... so you're saying you were standing
      on the sidewalk and Sri Chinmoy was in a car on that same road about
      25 feet away and it changed your life?

      It's kind of hard to explain the part where the next thing you knew
      felt as if some essential part of your deepest being is being flooded
      with light and love and you stand outside time and space and you feel
      as if you are being taught ancient spiritual truths without a single
      word being uttered.

      When the reverie and spell is broken, you look around and discover
      that you are surrounded by numerous other students standing behind
      you, to the side, across the street, etc. but during those timeless
      moments you are absolutely convinced that the two of you are
      completely and utterly alone. All I can say is wow, double wow.

      This weekend was one of those kinds of feelings. It suddenly occured
      to me that so much of our focus when Guru was in the body was on the
      highly concentrated divinity housed inside his form. Now that his
      physical presence is in the "world beyond" I felt as if that divinity
      in a more formless way permeated all that surrounded me. And the most
      beautiful part was the integrity and intensity of the feeling that we
      his students are tightly, tightly woven inside his heart. We are
      completely interwoven and connnected and together so tight inside his
      divine heart. My heart was singing in the beauty of it.

      And the court quickened this process unmistakably. It feels so special
      and like a temple that you hardly feel you should even speak or walk
      in a normal way even if you are up in the bleachers (maybe some people
      always had that feeling already when Sri Chinmoy was alive?).

      Notes I jotted down after coming home were:
      shimmering sacredness
      purity flickering candles
      firework explosions of flowers
      rarefied purity
      white everywhere
      flowers everywhere
      candle flame incense
      beauty beauty beauty
      singing sacred beautiful
      haunting inspiring
      jewels on the string of the voice

      My own wishful goodwill is probably the dime store variety but I
      promise all of you that I was wishing, wishing, wishing you could feel
      the happiness and beauty in the tangible sense of oneness and the
      sensation of all of us being inside our spiritual teacher's heart
      eternally linked to his guidance and spirit just as much as if he was
      still on Earth.

      Wait there's more! I'm just warming up :-)

      Notice the subject post header up above? This is part of Sri Chinmoy's
      words in a video we watched on Saturday night in which he was speaking
      at a special function held one year prior to Saturday night. He was
      talking about his connection with one of his sisters who had passed to
      the world beyond a number of years ago. He described how he still felt
      extremely close to her.

      Then the words that were perfect for our ears to hear now that he is
      passed himself as well:

      Heaven and Earth are right next door if you live in the heart. Next
      door, next door, next door.
      Unimaginable distance if you live in the mind.

      The way he said next door three times was so simple and powerful. So
      when my mind feels he is far away with his human life ended, I will
      Next door, next door, next door.

      Just assimilating these profound words sent me into another reverie. I
      was remembering how one time a professional musician being honored by
      Guru at the court had talked about his ideas about music and
      emphasized the concept of the space between the notes being as
      important as the notes themselves.

      Apparently it is Claude Debussy who said, "Music is the space between
      the notes." That made me think too of how important even a rest note
      can be in a song and how life and death themselves were kind of like
      notes and the space between the notes. Both have their respective
      place side-by-side and it is our limited human understanding that
      fears death and tries to wall it off as a foreign stranger and
      intruder to life.

      Meditation and inner communion with the highest inside ourselves is a
      lot more about the spaces than the notes too. That place of emptiness
      paves the way for the fulness of God to blaze forth. I hope this isn't
      all sounding hopelessly cliche and overly obvious to my spiritual
      compatriots but when these moments where what Guru used to call mere
      dictionary words or mental hallucination becomes direct experience and
      reality (albeit if sometimes fleeting) for me is rather profound.

      Next time I feel he is far away in Heaven or I lament not being able
      to hear him sing a song, tell a story or laugh at a joke, I will
      remember that if I live in the heart he is next door, next door, next

      Amazed and awed,
      p.s. on Sunday we also had a very soulful ceremony to place flowers
      and incense individually at the Mahasamadhi site on Aspiration Ground.
      I was so touched and delighted when my private moment found a rush of
      warmth flood my being, a flood of affectionate love pouring over me.
      What an unspeakable blessing to still feel our master's presence so
      sweetly even from the "world beyond."
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