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Re: Mother Teresa and Sri Chinmoy

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  • cott_doris
    Dear Beverly, Maybe the very words mother and children make the heart melt. I saw in my mind children sitting on the ground in the scorching heat of
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 29, 2007
      Dear Beverly,

      Maybe the very words "mother" and "children" make the heart melt. I
      saw in my mind children sitting on the ground in the scorching heat of
      Calcutta barfeet and hungry. Whose heart can be indifferent to that

      I remember two years ago on Fathers Day celebration in New York Guru
      drove around with his little cart and suddenly stopped at a certain
      point and started telling a story about one meeting with Mother Teresa.
      I had heard the story before but with such sweetness and affection Guru
      retold it.

      I searched the Sri Chinmoy online library for it but didn't find it.

      While searching I came across other moving questions and answers you
      may have read already, maybe others would also like to read. They are
      excerpts of an interview about Mother Teresa - the difference between
      charity and service, superiority and inferiority, our wants and needs,
      light and darkness, and also the relationships between possessing and
      being possessed, simplicity and poverty, multiplicity and unity, prayer
      and meditation.


      Mother Teresa

      "My sisters and brothers of the world,
      Are we so blind that we cannot see
      God's own Autograph
      On Mother Teresa's forehead?
      The sorrowful earth-planet
      Has a special treasure-home,
      And that home
      Is your compassion-heart."

      -Sri Chinmoy

      The today's poem from "My Life's Soul Journey" goes perfect with it.

      "Be a simple life.
      Earth needs your help.
      Be a pure heart.
      Heaven needs your help."

      -Sri Chinmoy

      P.S. Thank you for giving me the inspiration to search the online
      library. It is a good source of spiritual inspiration.
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