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  • cott_doris
    This is the title of a little booklet written by Sri Chinmoy. I searched the Sri Chinmoy online library and found many many other beautiful poems that include
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      This is the title of a little booklet written by Sri Chinmoy. I
      searched the Sri Chinmoy online library and found many many other
      beautiful poems that include positive imagination.


      I was inspired to visit Noivedya's online home.


      As many ways lead to Rome I found a very inspiring article about John
      Lennon's famous and popular song "imagine".


      It has become obvious by now that I am not good at understanding New
      Zealand, Australian or any other English humor and may start adding
      the country I am living in under my signature. ;-)

      But yet I was so strongly reminded of the song "imagine" that I
      searched for an online video and found the following one most


      Try to sing it and you will find out that it is not just a three line
      love song but requires some inner cry inside your heart to be able to
      sing it. You will also find out that John is extremely one with his
      instrument-the piano.

      Often famous and popular musicians become victims to criticism
      because of their life-style. I think besides their incredible musical
      talents they are normal people such as myself and others. And aren't
      we are all imperfect human beings who are longing for happiness and

      When I was very young many musicians such as John Lennon, Neil Young,
      Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Santana and many others gave
      me great comfort and when I revisited their top hits today I felt
      only motherlike gratitude to them.

      I was also reminded of a passage in one of Sri Chinmoy's editions
      of "Questions and Answers" I just read yesterday that had touched my
      heart and confirms my feelings.


      I would like to post an excerpt of that answer to a question asked by
      a student of Sri Chinmoy:

      "I will give you another example. Yesterday morning I went to Goose
      Pond Park. It was drizzling and I was running slowly. Five times I
      passed by a man sitting on a bench who was heavily drunk. Each time I
      came by him, he smiled at me. I could not understand what he was
      saying, but each time I passed by him, he said something encouraging
      to me. Now if I had had to consciously try to see the divine in him"
      if I had said, "He is also God's creation. Although he is drinking
      heavily, let me see the divine in him" "I would have been wasting my
      time. But each time I came by, spontaneously I got such joy.
      I do not care for drinking at all. But while I was passing him,
      I was seeing the divine in him. His inner divinity immediately attracted me. His heart entered into me and my heart entered into
      him. Therefore I sincerely got joy."

      Many thanks to Sri Chinmoy, Noivedya and John Lennon for their

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