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OT: The winds of change or new cheese

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  • sharani_sharani
    I am writing this post from my new work computer which is a laptop that I can bring home. I don t have a desktop computer at work anymore - last week a systems
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2007
      I am writing this post from my new work computer which is a laptop
      that I can bring home. I don't have a desktop computer at work anymore
      - last week a systems guy from our network headquarters transferred my
      previous hardrive onto this laptop and my old computer will go out on
      the public floor to replace a Windows 98 dinosaur that barely creaks
      along and can't even open people's AOL mail.

      After determining that there is no network in my area to hop onto, I
      bit the bullet and bought a simple router at Home Depot for 40.00 and
      am now sitting on my couch in the living room with my laptop on my
      "lap" of all things! Times they are a changing.

      Tomorrow by the time this posts an election will be happening that
      will determine whether or not my workplace will become a permanent
      shadow of its former self. With 2 of 3 locations closed and a book
      budget 1/3 of last year's, if voters approve a prop. 2 1/2 override to
      their taxes then we will be much more back to normal.

      Some of you have inquired off-board how I am surviving all the changes
      lately and while I am pretty immersed and preoccupied with learning a
      whole new set of duties, I am happy to admit that if given the choice
      I would probably not beg for my old job back. While I miss seeing all
      the new books and absconding them first to check and browse through or
      read, I am definitely challenged and intrigued by the variety of my
      new activities. One of my pals had to read "Who Moved My Cheese" for
      work recently and she said it's like I got used to eating old stale
      cheese when the new cheese was just waiting in the wings and is
      usually something better.

      While I am yet as savvy as I wish when answering reference questions,
      I'm going full steam ahead with the website and adult and teen
      programming ideas and even have already had a press release published
      as an article in the local newspaper. It's pretty cool to ponder and
      in some instances implement all my latest gadgets (or should I say
      widgets?) as paid employment. I like how easy it is to create blog
      content that can feed on RSS into a static site. When I took pictures
      of the Dancing Cop of Providence RI who did a children's program at
      the library, I went upstairs and immediately uploaded a different
      photo from the event just going on in replacement for the one that
      came with his press kit.

      After years of being in the back office, quietly doing my own thing,
      it is still an adjustment to work full-time at a public desk helping
      people. I hope that as I get more used to it I can feel that I am more
      actively and directly "serving" people and hence serving what Guru
      calls "God the man".

      So I guess I've turned the page and am snacking on some new cheese.
      Let's just hope that tomorrow the election doesn't put us permanently
      on a fasting diet.

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