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  • cott_doris
    One day before the joyday I was sitting in a bus and enjoyed my first ride to the city after I had spent three month in solitary for being sick when Kedar
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 30, 2007
      One day before the joyday I was sitting in a bus and enjoyed my first
      ride to the city after I had spent three month in solitary for being
      sick when Kedar phoned me and offered me a last minute ride to the
      Joyday in Gmunden, Austria. I had spent a thought on it before but
      pushed it away because Gmunden is a 6-hour ride from Zurich. Right
      away I said to him cheerfully: "Yees!" Afterwards I felt miserable -
      how can I dare to go on that trip? I has been so sick. I called him back
      and explained my worries. But Kedar paused for a second and then
      convinced me with a waterfall of inspiring words to join them.

      Thank you Kedar for your kind support and arranging the hotel booking
      and so on. I would like to thank Harald as well (one of the organisers
      of the Joyday) who made it possible for us to stay in a very nice hotel.
      (Nirmala and I enjoyed a fullmoon-night on the sunterrace of the
      beautiful place of Gmunden).

      We also visited on Sunday Harald and Andrea's coffee-shop "Heart-Joy"
      in Salzburg a very nice location where you could find many students
      who took the opportunity to visit the cafe after coming back from the
      Joyday. (Andrea, are you recovered? ;-)) I very much enjoyed looking
      at our teachers bird drawings there on the walls arranged with much
      empathy and warm colours in the backround.

      I hope I never unlearn the art of not taking things for granted. I am
      very grateful and enjoyed the Joyday and the beautiful area.

      You can also visit Vidyutonnati's photo gallery album: "Salzburg and
      it's nature":


      where we hopefully find out who we actually are if not at least whose
      we are:



      Here is a link to the place:

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      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Every month the European Sri Chinmoy Centres meet for a mutual
      > and inspiration. This weekend the so-called JOY-DAY took place in
      > beautiful place of Gm�nden near Salzburg in Austriia. About 400
      students of
      > Sri Chinmoy met for common meditations, singing, sketches, news,
      > and much more. Tulosi, the famous magician, now living in Vienna,
      was MC
      > and lead us through the program with the help of Erhu-player and
      > Mandu from Linz. As usual the gathering was filled with
      inspirational items.
      > So, we heard about Sri Chinmoy's recent lifting of the world's
      > men, we had a live call with a member of 3100 mile race (currently
      > place in Queen, NY), saw videos on meditation, art and swimming and
      > attend a funny Quiz. Music groups and poetry recitations
      supplemented the
      > program. Early Sunday morning a 2-mile race and a half-marathon
      > the sportive people among us, followed by a boat-ride on nearby
      > Kedar, Zurich
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