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World Harmony Run in Florida Starts

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  • arpan_deangelo
    This is a story I wrote for our World Harmony Run website last week after our first day in Florida. For those of you who may not know, we are trying something
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2007
      This is a story I wrote for our World Harmony Run website last week
      after our first day in Florida. For those of you who may not know, we
      are trying something new this year. Due to limitations on time,
      runners and funds, four core members with the help of local Centre
      members are visiting about 7 states and many cities which we do not
      usually get to on our 50 state full relay for World Harmony Run
      events. Salil, Banshidhar, Francesco and myself Arpan, are travelling
      mostly by airplane to participate in many local events in various
      cities around the country. For more detailed information on the cities
      and the schedule you can check out the worldharmonyrun.org website.
      Besides our daily stories are also many inpsiring photos from each
      visit that we have everyday.

      This simple story is meant to be a personal description of the day's
      events rather than a work of poetry or prose to entertain you. We hope
      you gain some inspiration from it and are encouraged to visit the WHR
      website to see what else is going on in the world with this very
      important manifestation. If you wish to participate or support us in
      any way please let us know. You can call or send a harmonemail via the

      Thursday, May 3, 2007

      It was a much longer journey to fly to Florida from New York City than
      we had anticipated. Our plane was delayed for about 4 hours while we
      were already seated in it. One problem after another made for a long
      day and made us feel a bit uneasy about the start of our 7 city tour
      for promoting world harmony. Everything worked out in the end
      as we safely landed in Miami and made it to our friends' home in time
      for dinner.

      The next morning began with an easy run along Deerfield Beach as we
      enjoyed the fresh morning ocean air and then a short dip in the
      Atlantic Ocean. Our first event was at the Beth Emet School in Cooper
      City. We had a wonderful reception with about 70 children and some of
      the staff and teachers forming a column of enthusiastic harmony lovers
      to greet us as we ran the Torch into the schoolyard.

      The children had made artwork and beautifully crafted shades and paper
      torches as well. After our presentation and introductions, we were
      treated to a song and a dance by the children with the theme of peace
      and friendship. We are grateful to Lena, the physical education
      teacher who led the dance and all the enthusiastic children who
      participated.We are also grateful to all the staff who prepared the
      children for such an exciting and colorful event. Including Noemi
      Gozlna, the Principal, Denise Kracer, the art teacher who also read
      out some beautiful poetry and offered us a book of the children's own
      compositions on the theme of harmony and friendship. Zohar Casden, the
      Director of Congregational Relations was also very kind in doing so
      much to get this event the publicity that happened here. Three
      newspapers came to cover the event, the Jewish Journal, the Miami
      Herald and the Sun Centennial.

      After a run with the children and some of the teachers in the
      playground, always the most exciting part of the program, we took
      photos of the children and their colorful dress and as usual found it
      difficult to leave such an enthusiastic school filled with harmony and

      Later in the day we arrived in Pompano where we visited the Randazzo
      School. Our good friend Max (Mukut) Jameson attends this private
      school with an expansive campus situated among the trees and green
      lawns. His father, Michael (Samadhan) helped to set up the event with
      the principal Sherri Holtzman who also led the children around the
      field with the Torch after our presentation. About 100 children and
      some of the staff were out to join us in the shade of a very big tree.
      The children loved to sing and dance to our theme song and then were
      even more energetic when it came time to follow Principal Holtzman
      around the field. After answering some of the questions about our
      efforts, we had to leave behind a wonderful school full of
      enthusiastic children and thoughtful teachers and staff who welcomed
      us with open arms.

      We were fortunate to have some time to visit the home of Mukut and his
      mother and father. They live on a tree and vegetable farm which offers
      peace and beauty for many acres. We are grateful to them for their
      hospitality and also to Jeremy, a good friend of ours who hosted us in
      his apartment in nearby Deerfield. We again had some time to visit the
      beach where I ran a few miles before cooling down with a swim in the
      Atlantic Ocean.

      Arpan and the WHR Team
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