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  • arthada007
    Recently I have written inspiring things about being a member of a music group. But I do not want to give the wrong impression that all the time when you meet
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2003
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      Recently I have written inspiring things about being a member of a
      music group. But I do not want to give the wrong impression that all
      the time when you meet with your music-group-friends, everything is
      always only extremely soulful, inspiring and elevating. As soon as
      many different characters meet together human difficulties are
      programmed. So there is also the opportunity for transformation of
      one´s own nature in such a group. I think that spiritually we learned
      at least as much from dealing with each other in emotional difficult
      situations as we received when we were in elevated spiritual moods...
      To say it in an exaggerated way: No pain – no gain (I hope this
      message still fits into an "inspiration-group-forum").
      Because of my very punctual and dependable attitude for instance
      (this is what I call it; others may call it neurotically pedantic),
      quite often I use to have problems with other members of the group
      who are less organized. Here I would like to share with you a little
      story which actually more amused me and than really disturbed me: The
      youngest member of the group, in the contrary to me seems to be more
      a space-cadet, I think he does not even own a watch. Recently he has
      finished his studies in "sound-technique" and at the scheduled time
      of our Hungary-tour he was helping preparing Sri Chinmoy´s concert at
      the Royal-Albert-Hall in London. I was eager to get him as our sound-
      man and he had already bought a plane-ticket as he also was looking
      forward to the tour. Two days before our first concert I got the
      message that he no longer had the ticket and at London he would not
      get any other one in time. So I took care of it from Austria
      (wondering how one can loose a plane-ticket) and I was so relieved
      when it worked out. But unfortunately when our first concert took
      place, nobody was there to take care of the sound. My space-cadet-
      friend actually had got the ticket, but this time he had missed his
      plane. So after the concert one member of the group with his car had
      to return to Austria, to catch our sound-technique-boy who landed
      then there with a later plane. This space-cadet-boy was also supposed
      to record our concerts (we wanted to add some live-music to our next
      CD) but unfortunately during the first 3 concerts he seemed to be
      always in trance – at least he never managed to record. At this point
      I have to say that I know hardly anybody who would listen so
      soulfully to spiritual music like this boy: He was always
      transfigured and smiling throughout the concerts as if he was
      expecting God to appear during the next moments in front of him. This
      was not because of our music but because this is the very nature of
      this boy. Maybe inside him is still also the strong fire burning that
      sometimes mounts higher during the early time of the aspiration-life
      when the enemy - the routine - has not yet greeted the seeker. If I
      needed a new push of inspiration during the performances I always
      used to look at him – how much I like him! Then there came the time
      when we all returned home. Only one boy did not. This dear space-
      cadet had to miss his plane back to England again.

      Yesterday, to change the subject, I read something so elevating in
      Sri Chinmoy´s book "The Giver and the Receiver" which I would like to
      share with you. I had to read it a few times and I was so much
      inspired! It is a most powerful message:

      The Supreme says there: "You do not know who you are, but I know who
      you are. You think that you are ignorance incarnate, but I see you as
      an experience of Mine. I see you as My own evolving Life. I see you
      as My own Dream-manifesting Reality.
      "...It is not you; it is I. It is not yours; it is Mine. It is I who
      am always in the process of unveiling and becoming, and becoming and
      unveiling. Thus it is I who dance in and through you My Eternity´s
      Song: Oneness..."

      20 pages later in the same book something similar and also extremely
      inspiring I read:

      "...So once we are able to remain inside the aspiring heart
      and become inseparably one with it, God does not remain invisible,
      subtle or unreachable. At that time, He is all Reality – right in
      front of our noses. We discover that what we eternally are is nothing
      short of God Himself in the process of perfect Self-discovery and
      Self-manifestation here on earth...
      ...Before, we used to feel that we did something and God gave
      us the result. But when we make inner progress, we come to realise
      that we do nothing; it is God himself who acts in and through us. God
      is the Doer, God is the action and God is the result. We are merely
      an instrument..."

      How much am I longing to have the same firsthand-experience of that
      reality like my spiritual teacher! Again 20 pages later I could find
      sound advice how to shorten the distance to that goal:

      "...only we have to pray to God every day: "O Beloved
      Supreme, do manifest Yourself in and through me. My fervent wish, my
      fervent aspiration, is only that You will manifest Yourself in and
      through me, that You will make me an unconditionally surrendered God-
      lover and instrument of Yours."
      "We do not have to know anything. We only have to cry
      sincerely to God to manifest Himself in and through us. If we become
      an unconditional instrument, God will fulfil Himself in and through
      us in His own Way. So let us express our wish to manifest God not by
      asking, "God, tell me what You want me to do. Then I will be able to
      please You," but by saying, "God, do what You want to do in and
      through me." (Sri Chinmoy)

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