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Four seasons in one day

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  • bahlulie_julie
    Like the glorious world around us, our inner landscape changes from day to day. The weather forecast is set for warm temperatures and sunny skies, but no
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 20, 2006
      Like the glorious world around us, our inner landscape changes from
      day to day. The weather forecast is set for warm temperatures and
      sunny skies, but no sooner do we greet the warm pink and gold of
      morning's dawn, then we hear a rumble of thunder, and darkness
      throws its inky cloak across the sun. At this point in time, for
      most human beings, struggle of some description is an inevitable,
      yet invaluable reality.

      Struggle affords us the opportunity to dive inward; to fossick about
      in the innermost recesses of our hearts and probe at what it is we
      are missing, search for what we need, and discover hidden qualities
      that would otherwise remain dormant. In the spiritual life, we call
      the fight against ignorance and hardship aspiration; the burning,
      all-consuming desire to be part and parcel of a higher reality, a
      more perfect vision and an eternal oneness.

      When life throws a curve ball at us, and we are faced with the sink-
      or-swim option, we are in fact being given a delicious opportunity
      to strengthen the length and breadth of our own aspiration, and our
      devotion to out Master. As unpalatable as this may seem at times,
      struggle is a blessing inasmuch as it is the catalyst for some
      serious soul-searching, and often a precursor to those winning
      moments of clarity we so keenly anticipate. Also, when faced with
      adversity, our cry to the Supreme is that much more tearful, heart-
      felt, and sincere- we surrender ourselves completely, like an
      injured child to his mother.

      When our flame of aspiration grows dim, it is natural to want the
      Supreme to enter immediately, armed with His boundless compassion,
      grace and forgiveness to rescue us from our plight. However, as
      players in this most brilliant of plays (featuring a superb inter-
      galactic cast and crew), it is very important that we don't forget
      our own role, and that is to cry and cry and cry breathlessly and
      devotedly for what we feel is the bounden duty of the Supreme to
      give to us.

      Hopefully, the will of the Supreme does not have to contend too hard
      with our mires of insecurity, negativity and self-reproach. When we
      are sleeplessly crying for the Supreme, when we are reliant upon Him
      for our very life breath, it seems as though every poisonous arrow
      we let fly at the world is calmly caught with tireless Compassion
      Hands, and transformed into something positive, affirming and
      illumining. Even when we are unable to give our heart's cry, we
      receive so much.

      It tickles the soul to imagine the laughter from above; many gods
      and goddesses watching as we toil upon this earth of ours,
      struggling, learning, growing, inspiring, and all the while the
      Supreme is pulling the strings, directing this exquisite play at
      every moment, guiding it painstakingly to the last line, and, in a
      masterful stroke, tuning his children into dulcet, supremely chosen
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