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My back at home surprise

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  • sharani_sharani
    I am quite happy to return home to a large envelope containing the Winter 2006 issue of the holistic magazine called Spirit of Change. The theme is animal
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2006
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      I am quite happy to return home to a large envelope containing the
      Winter 2006 issue of the holistic magazine called "Spirit of Change."
      The theme is animal stories and I had submitted a piece I wrote here a
      year ago as well as in Inspiration-Letters on the sand crabs in
      Kuantan Malaysia along with some of my photos of them.

      They included the story and photos and if you want to see it online
      just follow this link to their website and scroll almost to the bottom:

      I had included a short bio of myself that mentioned Sri Chinmoy but
      sadly none of that part was included. I do believe this is my first
      time getting "published" outside the context of the Sri Chinmoy Centre
      and I have to give much credit to the inspiration of Sri Chinmoy's own
      prolific literary example. Also, I feel especially grateful to the
      kind encouragement I have received from readers here and people like
      Mahiruha (Inspiration-Letters editor). I never fancied myself much of
      a writer so I am proof that all things are possible with practice and

      I haven't read all the stories yet but it looks like most of the other
      ones are about dogs so I think it's pretty exciting that little crabs
      which don't exactly evoke a warm, fuzzy sentiment were also included.

      Now if only I didn't have to look through my bills, etc. and analyze
      whether or not any new credit card issues await me. How nice to be
      welcomed home with this initial surprise.

      I see that I beat home my own last post written yesterday from the
      trip. Since my travelling was encompassed within a single day because
      of the time zone change, I guess I should not be surprised. Messages
      have been publishing much slower than that lately. While the Internet
      can at times be instantaneous, when it comes to the Inspiration Group
      the messages would arrive more quickly if they flew on an airplane and
      in a rental car like me. :-) Such is life so I will concentrate
      instead on how grateful I am to this forum's role in the fact that I
      have an article in this magazine which is widely distributed free of
      charge in New England in various locations.

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