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OT: cascading chocolate-fountains

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  • upasanayoung
    Curtailing one s outer sugar-intake while increasing one s inner sweetness-metre is trying at the best of times -- especially when faced with a chocalate
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2006
      Curtailing one's outer sugar-intake while increasing one's inner
      sweetness-metre is trying at the best of times -- especially when
      faced with a chocalate fountain within walking distance -- sheets of
      pure liquid cocoa delight cascading downwards in multiple tiers over
      perfect ovoid shapes, desperate photographs jostling for the best
      angle -- with cups close at hand for the easy taking, but thankfully
      with a price!

      Balance must rule in the precarious world of dieting: as Sri Chinmoy
      comments "We need perfect balance in order to achieve real
      satisfaction". There is no harm in dipping into the promised delights
      of the chocalate-fountain on occasion, but just not everyday! But at
      this point we are not talking every day, we are talking hourly!

      I am praying to Goddess Saraswati for the wisdom of restraint while
      simultanesouly offering gratitude to Goddess Lakshmi for creating
      chocolate-fountains and placing them in our happy childlike midst.

      This reminds me of Tooriya's mother (my grandmother), who was a
      disciplinarian of the first water. Until her early 90's she sternly
      refused all offers of cocoa treats -- then suddenly, when she would go
      mysteriously missing from her room, we would find her in the distant
      kitchen, happily devouring chocolate after chocolate, face beaming and
      eyes twinkling, the picture of pure ecstasy. After 90 years of extreme
      self-control, she was long overdue for a little balance!

      Best of luck to everyone facing the same cruel dilemma -- to chocolate
      or not to chocolate -- weekly, daily or hourly?!

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