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Wednesday Night Function- Nov. 1

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  • arpan_deangelo
    I must start with a Happy 31st Birthday greeting to Morris Klein, our great author and literary expert. It is also the 31st Anniversary of Transcendence
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2006
      I must start with a Happy 31st Birthday greeting to Morris Klein, our
      great author and literary expert. It is also the 31st Anniversary of
      Transcendence Perfection by Sri Chinmoy. In a 24 hour period in 1975
      on November 1 he wrote 843 incredible poems. I am sure Morris will
      share some with us here. The first one is:

      Eternity's Vision-Reality-Song

      Beloved Lord Supreme,
      Do you approve of
      My self-transcendence-song?

      "My son, not only do I approve
      But it is I who will
      Sing in you,
      Sing through you
      My Eternity's Vision-Reality-Song."

      I wish to try and briefly describe the soulful and relatively long
      function tonight which took place in the large Tent at
      Aspiration-Ground. It was a rather warm night in comparison to last
      week. Today the temperature was almost 68 F or 20 C. Lighter jackets
      were seen tonight as we enjoyed the warmer night air in New York.

      Mr.Ramamoorthy was the first performer as usual. He sounded very
      strong and soulful, singing Sri Aurobindo He Param Pita Prabhu. After
      his performance, Sri Chinmoy read out the prayers for next week in the
      `My God-Hunger Cry' series. One I particularly liked for Monday,
      November 6 is:
      "My each heart-song
      Cancels my one wrong."

      We then had a walking meditation past a series of tables with the
      latest Jharna Kala Bird drawings. They were created in San Diego this
      morning from 4:00 a.m. to 4:45 a.m. in a hotel. Sri Chinmoy says that
      whenever he travels he gets inspired to draw more birds. These were
      done on very colorful and flowery paper and were quite sweet, simple
      and beautiful. During the walk-past Sri Chinmoy also told some stories
      of his short visit to San Diego.

      Next, Rashmani and Hiyaphul came up to perform two songs. Rashmani
      played violin and Hiyaphul sang, but Sri Chinmoy joined them on flute
      for both songs, Jatri Chal and My Own Gratitude Heart. He also sang
      with them on the repetition.

      Two Japanese doctor disciples sang the Japan song `Nihon' next. It was
      very sweet and they received some gifts from Sri Chinmoy afterwards.
      Tyagini who has been acting as their interpreter also received a gift.
      Sri Chinmoy mentioned that there was some difficulty in translating
      the difference between the words `ache' and `pain'.

      Sri Chinmoy then read out from the Nolini Centenary book that he
      received from the authors in 1989. A tribute from Sri Chinmoy was in
      the book, the second one only after Indira Ghandi's tribute. There was
      also an article by Sri Chinmoy called `Nolini's Athletics' which he
      read out to us. He also told some stories about Nolini in the Ashram
      days. He even talked about sprinting and discussed his best times with
      Sakshat and Bhaswar who used to be the fastest sprinters in the
      Centre. He gets so much joy when talking about sprinting and the
      Ashram days.

      The Swanson brothers, Unmesh and Ranjit performed some traditional
      Indian devotional songs, I think one by Dilip Roy who Sri Chinmoy
      likes a lot. They are dressed in orange turbans and play simple one
      stringed instruments and a small drum called a mridanga. Sri Chinmoy
      also played it a little tonight.

      Satyajit's group then performed. We sang two songs, Nimne Dharanir and
      Nirab Amare, and the musicians played two more songs as Satyajit
      recited a series of poems and aphorisms by Sri Chinmoy on devotion.

      Ending with Prasad and couple of birthdays, tonight's function was a
      great way to start the month of November, especially with such nice

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