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Happy Halloween!

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  • sharani_sharani
    This year I found myself on duty at work during the evening of Halloween when children dress up in costume and go trick-or-treating. We joined in the
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2006
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      This year I found myself on duty at work during the evening of
      Halloween when children dress up in costume and go trick-or-treating.
      We joined in the festivities at work by dressing up in costume and
      handing out candy to visitors to the library.

      While the redeeming value of masquerading in costume and overdosing on
      sugar could be easily debated for the likes of one trying to haunt
      abodes of peace and light rather than ghosts and goblins, I readily
      admit I had good bit of fun at work last night

      Here the night shift is posing in front of the resident statue at the
      library, affectionately nicknamed Buffy. One of my co-workers usually
      dresses up the statue in some kind of seasonal attire so it only
      seemed fitting that Buffy join in the group photo.

      Still recovering from a bump to my noggin, I found great distraction
      from my aches and pains by being a holiday elf - all accessories found
      at the local dollar store where - yes everything costs $1.00. My red
      plastic nose had a blinking light inside it that kept up its Rudolph
      imitation the whole evening.

      When I actually had a serious reference question to answer, one of my
      co-workers dressed as a pirate found herself in fits of laughter just
      looking at me doing regular work with a flashing light on my head.

      Since we had very few customers, the timing was perfect to also revel
      in celebrating two recent October staffer birthdays behind the scenes.
      I think we could build a Great Wall replica out of all the candy
      leftovers brought in to work today. As we chew on Skittles and
      chocolate bars, we can also chew on Rabbi Marc Gellman's interesting
      and somewhat humorous article on the relationship between Halloween,
      spirituality and organized religion.

      "Another spiritual purpose of Halloween that goes way beyond candy and
      candy, is the way Halloween opens us up to the possibility of the
      undead. I have a Ph.D. in Philosophy and so union rules prevent me
      from believing in things you can only kill with garlic and a silver
      bullet...there is more in Heaven and Earth that is dreamed of in our
      philosophy. Halloween puts us, particularly children, face to face
      with spooks. This is a good thing because if spooks are real, then we
      have the holiday to keep them away, and if spooks are not real, then,
      hey, the candy and the party were good. Part of the original Celtic
      observance of Samhain was the lighting of bonfires all through the
      night to scare away the spirits of the dead. Yes I know, this is all
      just bogus superstition, but perhaps, just perhapsÂ…quick! Look behind
      you!! Wow that was close."


      p.s. you can see the photo with Buffy the Statue that accompanies this
      post in my blog at:
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