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Re: A Dream

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  • olga_nevergiveup
    Shane, This morning I had very interesting dream too. Today I woke up without my alarm and even did not looking at my clocks, I went to wash myself. After
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 31 3:41 AM
      This morning I had very interesting dream too.

      Today I woke up without my alarm and even did not looking at my
      clocks, I went to wash myself. After that I sat to meditate and
      when after meditation I was singing, I hared my alarm. I came to my
      clock and found out that it was 4:45 only (I meditate at 5 am.). I
      was so surprised, it meant that I woke up at 3:45 am today which is
      an hour earlier than usually! After that I decided to go for some
      more sleep for this one hour :-) and lying in a bed I was thinking
      why did Supreme want me to wake up today so early. While thinking
      about it I did not notice me falling asleep and I saw a very unusual

      I saw a dream like I was packing my things to go to a Joy Day and
      was very happy about that. One moment I felt insight of me great
      delight, I felt love to the entire World, I felt endless love to the
      Supreme. It was boundless feeling which difficult to describe and
      this feeling was so strong that I flied up in the air that moment!
      I really was flying, not very high as it was in my apartment, but I
      could move in the air. After I grounded I tried to arise this deep
      feeling of love again and that moment I found myself flying in the
      air againÂ… It was very unusual feeling overflowing me. It is more
      unusual because even in my childhood I flied not so often in my
      dreams and this feeling of love was so real!!!

      When I woke up, I still could feel something unusual inside and was
      thinking, that perhaps to experience this feeling even in my dream I
      woke up 1 hour earlier this morning :-) For this I am ready to wake
      up earlier daily! :-)


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, shane_dublincentre
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      > The last few days I seem to be surrounded by talk of old age. My
      > goes off this morning, followed by the one on my phone. I walk
      > the room, retrieve them, and carry them both to bed with me. A few
      > years ago, at the time I started seriously meditating, I was
      > determined to keep slowly but surely reducing the amount of sleep I
      > get; I wonder if some crucial part of me has turned its back on
      > promise, even though the mind still pays lip service. My meditation
      > shrine is right beside my bed; my room is so small that it cannot
      > otherwise. This is a bad thing, for it allows me to hoist myself
      > upright so I am sitting on the side of my bed, and tell myself I am
      > meditating. No. Go and wash yourself first Shane, and then sit
      down on
      > the meditation stool, that's what it's there for. But there is no
      > response.
      > After about half an hour (I hope, there is no way of telling) my
      > lethargic body then decides it has fulfilled its obligatory
      > 'meditation' requirement (intermittent aspiration and doze, like
      > Code) and topples over onto the bed. Shane, you're going to get up
      > do some reading. Again, no response.
      > And then I have a dream. My teacher, Sri Chinmoy , is there and
      > everyone around me is either going for a run or a walk, this has
      > going on some time every day for a few days but I have been
      > unaware of this, and I'm stuck there watching them saddled with
      > thick white clothes and a rucksack and no place to change. But this
      > dream is not the usual addled jumble thrown up from the
      > my (rare) dreams with Sri Chinmoy in them always have this inner
      > realness about them, for in sleep and in waking, the message of my
      > meditation teacher resonates with the message of my soul.
      > Also just last night I read Arpan's posting on the Sri Chinmoy
      > Inspiration Group describing how Sri Chinmoy can be seen driving
      > around the neighbourhood close to where he lives inspiring all of
      > those out for a run. I too need inspiration to overcome a lethargy
      > inner resistance at the moment. I'm trying to start a line of work
      > (I'll not call it a business) at the moment, but despite the fact
      > the rent is due next week and there are all manner of bills to be
      > paid, despite the fact that for once my inner being actually seems
      > cuncur that I should be earning a bit more, I find it hard, it's
      > somehow to just get out there and do it. Unconsciously I have been
      > doing all manner of 'easier' things this week to keep myself from
      > biting the bullet, all sorts of reasons for delaying have presented
      > themselves and been snapped up eagerly. Standing still while the
      > runners are already off. Well, the past is dust, as Sri Chinmoy
      > says. Let's see what happens tomorrow.
      > This post can be seen (with pictures) on my blog
      > http://www.srichinmoycentre.org/Members/shane_magee/blog
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