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OT: Rags To Riches

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  • sumangali_m
    I go out early in the dark, to a grey bin behind the shed, where I throw the peelings from my morning juice. Next to it is last year s grey bin, now almost
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2006
      I go out early in the dark, to a grey bin behind the shed, where I
      throw the peelings from my morning juice. Next to it is last year's
      grey bin, now almost compost. Behind that is a butt for rainwater. By
      the gate is a green one for garden stems and such, and next to that is
      a black one for everything else... except the things that go in the
      shed: a crate for card, one for paper down there... and here for
      glass, another for plastic, and one for tin.

      In Britain we throw away about 455,000 tonnes of plastic bottles every
      year. Figures suggest 60% of all household waste could be recycled or
      composted, but according to the BBC, the largest nation in the UK,
      England, appears to be reusing only 17.7%. Oops. We're getting better
      though (and I am trying earnestly with my daily cup of peelings). We
      can take heart from some of our European neighbours - the Swiss and
      Scandinavians taking the medals this year.

      Apparently all sorts of things can be made from recycled plastic
      bottles; not just other plastic bottles. It takes 25 x 2 litre bottles
      to make one adult size fleece jacket for example. Nowadays you can
      find glass bottles made into bracelets, cosmetic bags from reclaimed
      seatbelts and cases from car tyres. If you thought turning a plastic
      cup into a pencil is something that could only happen in one of Harry
      Potter's Transfiguration classes, think again.

      I like recycling. I hope its upward trend continues. Not only is it
      efficient and good for the environment, it's a kind of reincarnation
      of matter. Just as there are so many souls, incarnating in different
      forms as they evolve, so there is only so much matter in the world,
      although it may change its form.

      I sometimes think that because there are only so many molecules of
      water or oxygen within the earth's atmosphere, these molecules have
      been floating around for millions of years. If I drink a glass of
      water, who knows, maybe a particle of it was in Mozart's teacup once.
      Maybe some of this very breath of air... was inhaled by a dinosaur...
      or an avatar. Did you think of that?

      Sumangali Morhall


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