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Re: Forgiveness, self-appreciation, self-encouragement, faith in oneself

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  • doriscott20002000
    Dear Kamalakanta, It s good to know I am not the only one who is struggling to find the middle path and it s also good to know that we are on the right path.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 4, 2006
      Dear Kamalakanta,

      It's good to know I am not the only one who is struggling to find
      the middle path and it's also good to know that we are on the right


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, kamalakanta47
      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > There are certain concepts or qualities in the spiritual life which
      > are bound together, intimately related, as in a chain....
      > Also, at different moments, different qualities will be most
      > for us, according to what obstacles we are facing on a particular
      > or what we are inspired by on that particular day or moment.
      > Sometimes, someone will say something that will make us aware of
      > something. Or we might look at Nature and be reminded of something.
      > Yesterday, for example, I was having a very tough day, a day when
      > faith in myself was being challenged, a day when I did not know if
      > could forgive myself for my own mistakes.
      > Walking towards work, I noticed acorns on the ground. I picked one,
      > and thought of the fact that inside each seed there is a tree. It
      > immediately struck me how beautiful this is. This seed in my hand
      > would one day be a strong, tall, beautiful tree, with many leaves
      > branches, an inspiration to all. And I felt love for this seed, and
      > what it revealed to me.
      > And I asked myself if God sees us in the same way, with that same
      > sense of wonder and innocence. And this thought gave me great
      joy. "I
      > know!", I said to myself. "I am just a seed, and I will blossom in
      > future. My limitations right now are temporary. My inner reality
      > come to the fore and be revealed someday!" And this gave me the
      > strength to forgive myself, to smile at myself and others.
      > So today these topics of forgiveness, self-appreciation,
      > self-encouragement and faith in oneself are foremost in my
      > consciousness. Therefore, I spent some time selecting some of Sri
      > Chinmoy's writings on these topics, to share with you all. These
      > quotes are unofficial:
      > Forgiveness
      > My Lord's Name is Forgiveness. My name is hope.
      > To forgive the outer world I need peace. To forgive the inner
      world I
      > need perfection.
      > Forgiveness is the seeker's immeasurable accomplishment in both the
      > world of self-giving and the world of God-becoming.
      > Forgiveness is man's happiness-house. Forgiveness is God's Oneness-
      > If you are deplorably weak, then you will sleeplessly remember,
      > strongly harbour and ceaselessly suffer. If you are soulfully
      > then you will immediately forgive, completely forget and
      > prosper.
      > Forget the injustice-world. Forgiveness-joy will be all yours.
      > Cry for the world. Look, forgiveness-light is within your easy
      > Smile at the world. Look, forgiveness-delight is preceding you and
      > following you.
      > Forgive the world. The world will sit at your compassion-feet.
      > yourself. God will be dancing inside your meditation-heart.
      > -Sri Chinmoy
      > * * * * * * * * *
      > HARMONY
      > Look in the mirror
      > And what you see in yourself,
      > Try to see in others.
      > If you see perfection in your life,
      > Then see perfection in others.
      > If you see imperfection in yourself
      > And forgive yourself for your imperfection,
      > Then try also to forgive others
      > Who have the same imperfection.
      > The experience of oneness
      > In darkness or light
      > Brings about harmony.
      > Sri Chinmoy
      > * * * * * * * * *
      > Time will eventually pardon you
      > And all your untold crimes,
      > But the question is
      > Whether you will have
      > the daring capacity
      > To forgive yourself.
      > -Sri Chinmoy
      > * * * * * * * * *
      > Who will forgive me
      > If I do not forgive myself first?
      > -Sri Chinmoy
      > * * * * * * * * *
      > It is not unwise to appreciate oneself. You can appreciate yourself
      > just because you feel that you are God's chosen child. If you
      > sincerely feel that you are God's chosen child, then you can rest
      > assure that God also truly feels that your life is of great
      > to Him.
      > -Sri Chinmoy
      > * * * * * * * * *
      > The Art Of Self-Encouragement
      > Do you want to be always happy?
      > Then give up fighting
      > For negativity
      > And learn the beautiful art
      > Of self-encouragement.
      > -Sri Chinmoy
      > * * * * * * * * *
      > Your Right Of Self-Encouragement
      > My Lord Supreme,
      > I need self-newness.
      > How can I have it?
      > "My child,
      > You can have self-newness
      > Only by exercising your right
      > Of self-encouragement."
      > -Sri Chinmoy
      > * * * * * * * * *
      > "No path can be too hard for you
      > If you have one God-gift:
      > Faith in yourself."
      > -Sri Chinmoy
      > * * * * * * * * *
      > "If you have faith in yourself,
      > Then that is indeed
      > Your code of life."
      > -Sri Chinmoy
      > * * * * * * * * *
      > "If you have faith in yourself,
      > Then God will smile at you.
      > If God has faith in you,
      > Then you will become
      > Tomorrow's God,
      > A new God."
      > -Sri Chinmoy
      > * * * * * * * * *
      > Question: Sri Chinmoy, what do you consider to be the greatest
      > obstacle on the spiritual path?
      > Sri Chinmoy: "The greatest obstacle on the spiritual path is doubt,
      > self-doubt. There is no obstacle as dangerous as doubt. If you
      > God, that is one thing. There is no harm in it in the sense that
      > will not lose any of His infinite capacities because of your doubt.
      > But if you start doubting yourself, then you are totally lost. All
      > your inner capacities will be washed away in the torrent of your
      > self-doubt.
      > You should not doubt God and you should not doubt yourself. But if
      > you have to doubt one of the two, then the best thing is to doubt
      > Each moment you use the words 'I' and 'mine'. Although you claim
      > you doubt yourself, at the same time you say, "I am eating, I am
      > breathing, my friend, my house." Here is the proof of your own
      > existence. God's existence you do not see and you cannot prove
      > now. But your own existence you can prove because you are
      > it. If you use the terms 'I', 'mine' and 'my' and then say that you
      > don't exist, people will laugh at you. You will be caught; you will
      > not be able to doubt your existence. But God's existence you can
      > if you want to, because He is not standing right in front of you;
      > do not see Him or consciously feel Him. In season and out of
      > you can doubt Him.
      > Now, you may have absolute faith in God's existence, but you may
      > doubt God's Compassion. You may say, "Is God so compassionate? I
      > done so many things wrong in my life. Will He give me His
      > Knowledge-Light? Why should He show me His unconditional
      > This is another kind of doubt. Right now you do not disbelieve
      > existence or your own existence, but you doubt God's Compassion and
      > God's Concern for you. Once upon a time you were a soul in the
      > world. Who brought your soul into this world? It was God who did
      > Before you were consciously aware of spirituality, divinity and
      > reality, God gave you life. God gave you the message of divinity.
      > Already you can see how much God has given you for which you have
      > never asked consciously. It has all come to you through your soul.
      > who created your soul? God. Who offered it to you? God. Who is
      > to fulfil you through your soul? Again, it is God. So you can
      > stop doubting God's Concern.
      > Then you may feel that with your own capacity you cannot realise
      > This is still another kind of doubt. But if somebody else has
      > God, why should you not be able to do the same? God, the same God
      > exists in him, also exists in you, only you are not aspiring
      enough to
      > see Him. All souls have come from God, not from anywhere else. So
      > one person has realised God through the aspiration of his soul,
      > can do it. You can also realise God. Your doubt is baseless. You
      > to feel only that your aspiration is not yet as intense as the
      > person's aspiration was. Finally you have to feel that God can
      > be fulfilled until you have realised Him. God's existence needs
      > fulfillment in and through you. He will never be totally fulfilled
      > long as you remain unrealised. If your friend has realised God but
      > still remain unrealised, then rest assured that God remains
      > unfulfilled. He will be fulfilled only on the day when all human
      > beings have realised Him.
      > God's business is to fulfil Himself and manifest Himself on earth.
      > you consciously aspire, then it becomes easier for Him to fulfil
      > manifest Himself. You can rest assured that God needs your
      > co-operation for His fulfillment. If you offer Him your sincerity
      > your aspiration, and take one step toward Him, He will take
      > ninety-nine steps toward you. You give what you can, and God will
      > you not only what He has but also what He is. What He has is
      > Concern and what He is is infinite Light.
      > So the worst obstacle in the spiritual life is doubt. If you can
      > conquer all doubt, then you will be much closer to God-realisation.
      > There are many other obstacles, of course, but these obstacles are
      > as dangerous as doubt. Doubt is a slow poison. If we cherish doubt
      > every day, this slow poison will gradually kill us. We must throw
      > doubt from our inner life and from our entire existence."
      > -Sri Chinmoy
      > * * * * * * * * *
      > Question: How can we increase our willpower?
      > Sri Chinmoy: There are two types of will-power. One type of will-
      > we get from the Third Eye. Tremendous will-power we get if we
      > concentrate here. The other type of will-power is from the heart.
      > here also we get intense will-power. Again, if we concentrate
      > our navel, there is a kind of will-power that we get, but that
      > will-power is destructive; we cannot use it for a good purpose.
      > will-power comes from the vital world, and if we are not totally
      > purified in our vital, especially in the lower vital, we may misuse
      > this will-power. But if the navel centre is purified, then the
      > will-power we get from there will be used for a divine purpose.
      > The will-power we have inside the heart is the soul's power. That
      > power we can never use for a wrong purpose. The safest of the
      three is
      > the will power that comes from the heart. When you pray and
      > try to feel that there is already some power inside, deep inside
      > heart, which has to be brought to the fore. Will power from the
      > centre we can use for good purposes and bad purposes, for
      > and destructive ends; but will-power from the heart can only be
      > utilized for good. It is very fast, like a bullet. When we use the
      > will-power from the navel centre, it will be very deep and
      > electrifying, but in the heart's will-power there is motherly
      > affection, concern. Tremendous will is there, but the mother's
      will is
      > also full of love and compassion Will-power from the Third Eye
      will be
      > like the father's will-power. There will be concern, but wisdom
      > also be there.
      > The easiest way to use will-power is to take the positive approach.
      > Use will-power to do something positive, not to keep yourself from
      > doing something negative. If we say, "I shall not tell a lie,"
      that is
      > important. But if we say, "I shall tell the truth," that will-
      power is
      > more effective. When we say, "I won't do it," already the negative
      > thing has half its power just because we are thinking about it. If
      > repeat in our mind, "I won't be jealous," the word 'jealous,' the
      > negative quality that it embodies, ruins our mind and then we do
      > become jealous. If we say, "I won't be doubtful," the word 'doubt'
      > enters into our mind and automatically doubt comes. But if we say,
      > "From now on, I shall be totally devoted to God. I shall be
      > I shall be fully surrendered," these words are very good. Surrender
      > and faith and devotion are very good. If we all the time have
      > feeling, and make positive assertions, then automatically our
      > willpower increases.
      > -Sri Chinmoy
      > * * * * * * * * *
      > joy to all!
      > in oneness, Kamalakanta
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