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Hidden Benefits and Organic Leanings

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  • sharani_sharani
    Recently I was helping out with a major postering effort to advertise some meditation workshops to be given in our area. With no irreverence intended, :-) I m
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2006
      Recently I was helping out with a major postering effort to advertise
      some meditation workshops to be given in our area. With no irreverence
      intended, :-) I'm calling it integral postering. The first postering
      ingredient in a state without much public transit is gas in the car.
      How funny then that as I pulled into the gas station, the car ahead of
      me had all these spiritual and new age bumper stickers. With my radar
      on, I watched the car circle around the supermarket parking lot only
      to pull up at the pump on the other side of me. Of course, I had to
      share a flyer with the driver of this car even though I was across the
      state line from the workshop location at that moment. She was also a
      commuter and didn't live all that far from the class location.

      Feeling this was an auspicious beginning to my efforts, I enjoyed
      extending the theme of combining efforts and integrating the task into
      the rest of my routine. One of my friends had just read the book
      "Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You to Know About" by Kevin Trudeau
      which was on the American bestseller lists for a long time and from
      reading the book she is now a convert to eating organic foods and
      avoiding processed foods. It took me a while to crack open the book
      myself or seriously warm up to the notion but even a brief experiment
      in eating only organic foods (avoiding high fructose corn syrup, trans
      fats, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors) has me somewhat
      astounded in the radical difference I feel in my physical wellbeing.

      Over the years I've been on all manner of diets and cleansing routines
      but somehow had never before tried one with the angle of all-organic.
      Since processed food in America is loaded with chemicals, etc., it can
      be quite taxing on one's health. Now what does organic food have to do
      with postering? Well stay with me now...

      Postering in neighborhoods that I hadn't been to in a long time
      revealed new and interesting shops. In Federal Hill, the famous
      Italian section of Providence, I discovered a new shop that
      specializes in organic and natural foods Italian style. I delighted in
      buying some of their freshly made organic pasta and managed to eat a
      healthy take-out meal from their cafe/deli while out all day
      postering. I slowly pieced together a little shopping into my efforts
      and all I needed once home was the energy to still feel like cooking
      at the end of the day.

      Did you know postering is character building as well? Normally a
      little reclusive, I had lots of interesting interactions with all
      different kinds of people. In one Asian restaurant, I spoke with the
      owner about different religions and he said in a thick accent that he
      was a catholist. I asked him to repeat himself at least twice and
      finally realized he meant that he was Catholic! So I told him about
      Sri Chinmoy's meetings with various Popes and his friendship with
      Mother Teresa.

      Last but not least, once the big push is over, having a little quiet
      time is appreciated all the more. Hope lots of seekers come to the

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