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Re: The "Impossible" happened

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  • doriscott20002000
    Concerning your second line I fully agree with you. But what make it much easier to see good in everybody is to see Guru s shining example; he just loves
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 28, 2006
      Concerning your second line I fully agree with you. But what make it
      much easier to see good in everybody is to see Guru's shining
      example; he just loves EVERYBODY. So what's wrong with us?

      Well, he also advises us not to shake hands with the tiger or
      tigress. I like the symbolism in Guru's teachings a lot.

      The nature of a scorpion is to sting. I have to become wiser.

      Another aspect that makes it easier to see good in others is that
      there is always some part in ourselves that is imperfect and so
      gives others the opportunity to think or to do "wrong." But once
      admitted it also gives others the chance to see and do good.


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      > Hi Doris,
      > Your post was very moving and I found myself thinking of it several
      > times long after first reading it. Your selection of quotes and
      > examples from notable individuals is compelling. If asked to rank
      > things, I would probably choose seeing the good in others and
      > at their shortcomings as one of the hardest aspects of Sri
      > philosophy and life example to successfully emulate in my own life.
      > This is especially true if I'm in the midst of misunderstanding or
      > disagreement with someone.
      > Even though I'm calling it difficult, it might just be a major
      > cornerstone of Sri Chinmoy's philosophy. Since he advocates
      > yourself if you want to change the world, the focus shifts and
      > we are all interconnected suddenly it's ourselves we're working on
      > the other person.
      > Here is an excerpt from the Sri Chinmoy Online library which
      > an excellent answer to a question on this topic. The full answer
      is at:
      > http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/meditation-humanity-
      > "When somebody has done something wrong to you, try to feel either
      > that it is an extended part of your consciousness which has made
      > deplorable mistake, or just feel that it is an experience you had
      > only a few seconds. The sooner you can rid yourself of the idea
      > somebody has done something to you, the better off you will be. You
      > have had an unpleasant experience, and you will not be happy until
      > stop thinking about it...
      > Always you have to feel that there are two ways to get out of
      > calamities. One way is to enlarge your heart. If you have been
      > wronged, identify. Feel that it is you who have done wrong...
      > The second way is to think of perfecting ourselves...Pay all
      > to your own self-discovery, and when you have discovered yourself,
      > will see that there is nobody imperfect on earth. Everybody is
      > in you."
      > -Sri Chinmoy "Meditation: Humanity's Race And Divinity's Grace,
      Part 2"
      > I recently had one of those glimmer moments of "getting it" if only
      > fleetingly. I was at the Aspiration-Ground attending a meditation
      > session held early in the morning. Those of us conversant in group
      > meditation know that if someone near you is drowsy or drifting to
      > sleep, the vibration of it can be quite contagious. It must almost
      > like yawning and whistling (two things that are usually repeated by
      > people around someone doing them).
      > Well someone nearby me was nodding like a harvest party-goer
      > for apples in the well. I started to feel tired too and distracted
      > found myself wishing they had stayed home if they found it so hard
      > remain awake. Suddenly I had one of those eureka moments where I
      > realized that I had to take responsibility for my own lack or
      > of meditation at that time and that I should change my attitude and
      > feel that the person near me was a part of my own larger self and
      > I must have my own issues with fatigue that I was mirroring onto
      > (I think in the world of psychology this gets talked about as an
      > unconscious tendancy to mirror what we don't like in ourselves onto
      > other people).
      > As soon as I let go of my annoyance and felt like my focus should
      > remain within myself, my own fatigue vanished. Instead of
      annoyance I
      > felt goodwill for this neighbor trying to contribute to the group
      > the best of their capacity. I felt an inner wave of approval that I
      > was barking up the right tree and before I knew it my meditation
      > transitioned into a deeper more positive place and the person
      > me woke up and stopped bobbing.
      > I guess that was an example of this concept on a seemingly mundane
      > level in my daily life but I feel it deserves to be memorized along
      > with other times that I successfully steer clear of criticizing
      > myself or others.
      > In parting, here is a poem by Sri Chinmoy reinforcing this notion
      > how to create positive change
      > Do you want to change the world?
      > Then change yourself first.
      > Do you want to change yourself?
      > If so, remain completely silent
      > Inside the silence-sea.
      > -Sri Chinmoy
      > http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/sri-chinmoy-flower-
      > Sharani
      > --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, doriscott20002000
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      > >
      > >
      > > Walking down the stairs coming back from a certain office I felt
      > > looked very happy! (You may check # 18733 in relation to this
      > > statement.)
      > >
      > > What happened? The "Impossible!"
      > >
      > > I was supposed to have a difficult meeting.
      > >
      > > I thought of meditating before but found myself reflecting on
      > > different writings of Sri Chinmoy's.
      > >
      > > I thought of a poem Guru had written in honor of his brother
      > > Chitta's birthday. One line of the poem went as follows
      > >
      > > "Ruthless blows in infinite measure with a cheerful heart for me
      > > endured - my brother Superior."
      > >
      > > Another thought came into the picture: I have seen Sri Chinmoy
      > > times blessing people, encouraging people, cheering up people,
      > > smiling at people, lifting people, making gifts to people e.t.c.
      > > while to my shame I sometimes had critical thoughts about others.
      > >
      > > I remembered Nelson Mandela; he spent 27 LONG YEARS in jail and
      > > forgave his opponents.
      > >
      > > The Mahabharata came to mind: the Pandavas who had to spent MANY
      > > YEARS in exile in spite of being honest people forgave the
      > > Kauravas...
      > >
      > > I thought of one of my favourite poems that goes (unofficial):
      > >
      > > "In the next millenium, the goal of philosophy will be only to
      > > the light in others. Then only will you be able to expedite the
      > > arrival of world-peace and world-oneness."
      > >
      > > I read many, many poems by Sri Chinmoy on positive thinking (if
      > > each and every poem carries this message).
      > >
      > > With all these good thoughts I went out and inwardly I promised
      > > follow their good examples and trying to be as positive as
      > >
      > > In the beginning everything seemed to go wrong... I can't tell
      > > the details... only that regret and apologies on the persons'
      > > were pouring down on me; I had to accept a lot of gifts and good
      > > things it was planning to do for me. All kinds of knots were
      > > opended up! And yes - that was it! :-)
      > >
      > > "Give and become" -Sri Chinmoy (unofficial)
      > >
      > > ...and get ;-)
      > >
      > > Doris
      > >
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