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Re: Cross Pollination - seeds found in blogs travel to news groups

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  • sharani_sharani
    Put on your waders and your fishing boots and let s wander through the bogs - I mean blogs :-) You can catch some good fish - I mean stories - on Japanese
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2006
      Put on your waders and your fishing boots and let's wander through the
      bogs - I mean blogs :-)
      You can catch some good fish - I mean stories - on Japanese martial
      arts, the connection between squirrels and God, radio theater, a good
      felafal shop on Union Turnpike and much more.

      This link shows you a list of the latest entries from other bloggers
      besides Priyadarshan like Sumangali, John-Paul, Shardul, Shane,
      Jwalanta and yours truly - myself.

      For an entry on a cicada that I photographed two days ago visit:

      Happy blogging!

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, sharani_sharani
      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > True to form with the links of the "web", it seems only appropriate to
      > draw attention to each other's interesting offerings. Today I'm
      > inspired to point from here towards Priyadarshan's new blog which is
      > located on his homepage in the members section of
      > SriChinmoycentre.org. Now Richard has already kindly linked to his at
      > the bottom of some of his messages here on the Inspiration Group with
      > a url shortcut:
      > ( http://tinyurl.com/oqe5r - Richard's blog)
      > but Priyadarshan wins my spotlight attention because an article on
      > blogging that he recommends reading has percolated around in my brain
      > since I read it a couple of days ago.
      > In this interesting blog entry by Priyadarshan pertinent to anyone
      > designing Web pages, etc, the article that impacted me greatly is the
      > link by Priyadarshan that says "Read this: You should write Blogs"
      > The article on blogging is written by a computer programmer named
      > Steve Yegge who used to work at Amazon and who in my opinion (based on
      > this article recommended by Priyadarshan) has an all-around
      > interesting and informative perspective on a lot more than just the
      > latest computer language.
      > Yegge's article advocates blogging as a valuable contribution to
      > others and two aspects of the article have kept me intrigued since I
      > read it. I was struck by Yegge's example of a blog entry by an Amazon
      > employee which went unnoticed for the most part when it was first
      > written but because the ideas in how to run the company better were so
      > well-stated, it eventually became a standard item that employees
      > referred to and it ultimately influenced policy in a marked manner. It
      > actually took about a year for this to happen from the time the blog
      > entry was first posted. Its presence for the general public and the
      > internal organization had more eventual impact than if it had been an
      > email or just a topic of discussion at a staff meeting. The blog
      > provided the forum for the ideas to slowly permeate just as now so
      > much later I'm even feeling influenced by digesting the contents of
      > Yegge's blog entry on blogging from a couple of years ago.
      > The second fascinating aspect of this article relates to pride and
      > humility. Yegge writes about the wisdom in the attitude of not feeling
      > concerned about whether or not you receive feedback showing that
      > anyone reads your blog and counteracts the notion that blog writing is
      > narcissistic.
      > He then talks about how the greater an individual becomes as a leader
      > and visionary thinker the more humble they usually are as well. Since
      > I recently spent a lot of time thinking about pride and humility for
      > an article in the latest issue of "Inspiration Letters," this aspect
      > of the article had my rapt attention.
      > (The latest issue is located at:
      > http://www.srichinmoycentre.org/inspiration-letters/5/ )
      > Since I sometimes struggle with the worry that perhaps no one is even
      > reading all this stuff I lovingly crank out, :-) I felt the article
      > had a lot to teach me as I try to mature into what Guru calls "a
      > better citizen of the world."
      > So even if like me you have never heard of reStructuredText or have
      > never learned much about html, Priyadarshan's blog entry on that
      > subject leads in a lot of interesting directions.
      > And that qualifies as cross pollination don't you think? Don't forget
      > I love to put a naturalist spin on things if it's not too far a stretch.
      > Sharani :-)
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