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Nod of encouragement

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  • sharani_sharani
    Hello everybody, While official departures day is tomorrow, my departure day was this morning. In the Boy Scouts spirit of be prepared, I was truly grateful
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2006
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      Hello everybody,
      While official departures day is tomorrow, my departure day was this
      morning. In the Boy Scouts spirit of be prepared, I was truly grateful
      for the inner boost to stay up quite late last night packing, etc. and
      then to actually attend two meditations before getting on the road to
      drive several hours home at 6:45 a.m.

      Once Celebrations is over, I'll write a bit more reflections.
      However, you should all start lobbying Arpan or somebody like that to
      write too since I can only give the weekend commuter's perspective.

      Coming back to being prepared, I'm thinking good things are worth the
      time and effort to see them to fruition. My morning started at 4 a.m.
      because I needed to shower, meditate at my own shrine and then go get
      my car which was on the next block over (alternate street parking for
      street cleaning).

      So at 5 a.m. I'm driving up, packing luggage into the car and then
      choosing the perfect parking spot near the 3100 mile race route
      counting area (well you know what I mean I hope - the place where the
      counting area was during the race that just recently ended). This
      would have me poised for a quick departure to beat the morning rush
      hour traffic over the Throgs Neck Bridge after the second early
      morning meditation. So I hoofed it over to a group meditation a bit of
      ways from my car then off to another meditation which took place near
      where I parked my car. Aren't you impressed with my planning and

      I debated whether to stay near my car or at my usual favourite
      location for the second meditation. I chose the latter and then tried
      not to worry too much that I would know when it ended better if I
      didn't choose my favourite spot. As if an inner guide was watching
      over me, I found out it ended regardless when someone just happened to
      walk up to me and tell me as much.

      Right after its blissful conclusion, I've just gotten into the car
      when someone approaches me from the sidewalk and motions for me to
      roll down the window. She shared that she really enjoyed reading the
      article about blogging that Priyadarshan recommended and that she
      would have never known about the blogs if I hadn't written about them.

      She kindly thanks me and with a smile and a nod of encouragement I'm
      on the road to come home. I must admit that while at Celebrations I
      barely thought about writing at all. This has somehow become the
      unusual rather than the norm in my life. Most of the time, I have
      ideas percolating on the back burner and even spent the drive down to
      New York last Friday trying to decide what to write about for Morris's
      Inspiration Letters. Betweeen my thoughts turning a little back
      towards writing last night and this morning's nod of encouragement, I
      contentedly return to my wordy ways after this sublime and harmonious
      August Celebrations.

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