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Re: World Harmony Run, U.S.A.,Epilogue

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  • smarana31
    While reading your sentiments about the world harmony run,I am automatically drawn into its spirit and I am looking for my running shoes, just to realize that
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 23, 2006
      While reading your sentiments about the world harmony run,I am
      automatically drawn into its spirit and I am looking for my running
      shoes, just to realize that in the USA it is over.
      I hope that one day I will be able to share this kind of experiences
      in this kaleidoscop of peoples and nature.

      Greetings and congratulations for your endeavours

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, arpan_deangelo
      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > I intended to offer more stories on our wonderful adventures of
      > harmony and friendship in this vast land. But all the stories went
      > our website: www.worldharmonyrun.org and you can read them there
      > with many wonderful photos and some videos as well. I did want to
      > include at least these final sentiments and thoughts as we finish
      > year's adventures in the U.S.A.
      > I am sure many runners and helpers from around the world can
      > understand and concur with some of these experiences and sentiments.
      > In sharing them I do hope we can inspire more people to take part
      > year even for a single day or event in their own country or
      > if possible.
      > Here is my story for the final trip home after our last day of
      > for four months and over 10,000 miles through all 48 mainland states
      > in the U.S.A.
      > August 14, Monday
      > The Trip Home
      > It was a strange feeling to wake up in the morning without a written
      > schedule to follow or ceremonies to attend. Realizing I was not
      > to carry the Torch today on a new road with another goal and with
      > unexpected surprises was a little disappointing.
      > Our first stop upon entering our New York neighborhood was to stop
      > eat at the `Smile of the Beyond' restaurant in Queens. We were all
      > generously treated to a big meal there by our good friend Sahishnu,
      > the manager of this wonderful and popular establishment. The service
      > was also fantastic as we truly missed the great food of this
      > vegetarian paradise. It is great to be back but still feels a bit
      > Even though we are now in our own familiar surroundings where I have
      > been living for decades somehow it still feels a unnatural to me.
      > After having been on the road constantly for four months straight
      > meeting new people every day as we identified with a new section of
      > country day after day, being stationary and seeing the same familiar
      > people all around somehow does not seem normal yet.
      > Reaching out into our vast world to share and spread the feelings of
      > oneness and harmony takes a tremendous amount of energy and work.
      > planning, the resources from many people who help us, the self-
      > spirit of the team on the road, and the positive energy of the
      > we meet, all make for one uniquely satisfying and incredibly
      > harmonious experience. Yet this all has to be put behind us as we
      > travel forward and now as we stay still for the time being.
      > Like the sprouting seeds that grows up in the spring and summer
      > climates, sharing its energy and life with all around it, the
      > of the rest of the year are necessary for the future growth and
      > manifestation. Although we will not become dormant in our regular
      > lives, our Torch has stopped moving and our team will soon spread
      > into their own natural environments.
      > What we have done in the past four months was to sow seeds of
      > and friendship and at the same time to assimilate the love and
      > that seems to be prevalent everywhere we went, from the highest
      > mountain ranges to the lowest deserted valleys and the most crowded
      > cities and neighborhoods. Even there we saw and felt a deep yearning
      > to experience and share harmony, the harmony that lives and grows
      > inside of us, all of us, no matter who we are or where we are on
      > vast and beautiful planet we call our oneness-home, the Earth.
      > We are ever so grateful to all those who made this tremendous effort
      > happen successfully and safely. There are too many names to list
      > and we have been mentioning just about everyone involved at one
      > or another. We were just the runners but the World Harmony Run was
      > interaction of our running team with all those along the way who
      > shared the harmony in so many different and creatively personal ways
      > with us.
      > We hope as you read this that you will be inspired to see just how
      > many amazing ways this was done by countless numbers of incredible
      > people in our country and many other parts of the world in such a
      > short time. We also hope that all that we were able to do, which
      > really seems like enough, becomes fruitful and spreads to all those
      > who need and want the harmony and love that is available to us all
      > every moment. Every moment means the present and the future so we
      > do this again and again until there is only harmony in the world and
      > there would be no need to remind each other of that anymore.
      > Until that day comes, we will gladly try to make the World Harmony
      > the fulfillment of the vision of a benevolent creator and at the
      > time the dream of a truth loving humanity.
      > Arpan and Team Harmony, U.S.A.
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