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Re: First 3100 mile race finisher

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  • sharani_sharani
    Utpal s videos on the 3100 race and on Madhupran s record-braking finish are a real window into this race. I have visited the actual race this summer on
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      Utpal's videos on the 3100 race and on Madhupran's record-braking
      finish are a real window into this race. I have visited the actual
      race this summer on several occasions while in New York and the
      interviews in the video footage give a much deeper sense of the race
      as well as the opportunity to try to internalize the message that it
      offers like a beacon to everyone. Now don't ask me to delve further
      into that since I'm still assimilating the comments from the videos.

      The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team site
      filled me in on how several more individuals are very close to
      finishing the race.

      For a light-hearted break from the magnitude of this race which I
      feel is perhaps changing the course of human history, go to the latest
      Inspiration News Episode and check out the AWESOME sand sculptures on
      the theme of the circus.
      Kudos to Kedar for his inimitable Inspiration-News weekly episode

      Nope! I didn't make popcorn but there's obviously plenty of video
      viewing beckoning at Sri Chinmoy TV.


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      > There are still many miles to go for many of the runners. Yet at this
      > point 3 champions have already completed the distance. Madhupran
      > Schwerk was the first to cross the line in a new world record.
      > http://www.srichinmoy.tv/tv/81/
      > He held the previous mark and bettered this by more than a day. In
      > this story it is clear how he was capable of transcending what many
      > thought was impossible.
      > Like all the participants, he gave of himself the utmost and in return
      > he was rewarded for his courage and for his strength. A true champion
      > much thanks
      > Utpal
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