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  • harmonyvision <harmonyvision@yahoo.com>
    Thank you, Prabhakar, for sharing what Sri Chinmoy s concerts can be like when you are facing the audience! It seems that volumes could be written about his
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      Thank you, Prabhakar, for sharing what Sri Chinmoy's concerts can be
      like when you are facing the audience! It seems that volumes could be
      written about his musical manifestation. I can add one thing to
      Anneshan Dorn's excellent list of Sri Chinmoy's accomplishments: master

      I once wrote the following to try and satisfy cynics and critics. Of
      course, cynics and critics are never satisfied, but I tried to please
      them by asking somewhat rude questions, and then answering them

      Q: Are Sri Chinmoy's Peace Concerts a total joke? Does he play a
      hundred-and-some-odd instruments badly?

      A: His Peace Concerts are a joke if you like jokes, and serious if you
      like serious. Actually, his music takes some listeners to a place far
      beyond joking and serious. They do not know whether to laugh or cry,
      but there are tears in their eyes. Sri Chinmoy's music is the essence
      of simplicity. This may frustrate the mind, but bring great joy to the
      soul. His music can be anathema to aesthetes and snobs. If someone
      comes expecting to hear Jean-Pierre Rampal, Yo-Yo Ma, or Indian
      classical music, they may leave with their nose in the air, feeling it
      is beneath their dignity to enjoy Sri Chinmoy's simple, childlike
      performances. But spiritual seekers who enter into a meditative state
      have reported amazing experiences. They feel that inwardly he is
      flooding the concert hall with a vast amount of peace, light and bliss,
      and outwardly his music is like a loving invitation to enter into his
      inner consciousness. Sri Chinmoy is also a master showman. Sometimes he
      will sing a haunting melody filled with burning love for God. Other
      times he will improvise on a grand piano with great sweeping gestures
      and thunderous swells of notes that make for quite an avant-garde

      Q: But haven't some critics given his concerts bad reviews?

      A: Yes, certainly. Some people judged him according to their rigidly
      structured mental paradigms about music and found him wanting. But when
      those who understand his music on a deeper level read such reviews,
      they see clearly that the reviewers didn't get it. They were listening
      only for the notes. Their reviews were accurate according to how their
      mental faculties operate, but spiritual seekers perhaps saw and heard
      something which the critics missed. One of Sri Chinmoy's favorite
      things to do is to begin playing on an instrument such as an ocarina,
      and gradually take his consciousness higher and higher. At first he is
      playing a recognizable melody and the listener's mind is satisfied. But
      then as he goes into a very high consciousness, he just starts playing
      with the instrument like it was a child's tin whistle. Then the
      listener's mind says, "Wait a minute... You can't tell me that's
      music!" But at the same time, Sri Chinmoy is emanating waves of
      spiritual bliss. And if you catch those waves then the mind stops
      functioning and the heart has an experience which no words can
      describe. It is really something quite special. In this way Sri Chinmoy
      enjoys himself -- by leading people beyond the mind and throwing them
      into a high spiritual consciousness. Of course, this he does only
      according to the seeker's inner receptivity. He is a perfect gentleman.
      He does not force this experience on those who do not wish it.

      We don't know what Sri Krishna's flute sounded like. But on the
      strength of their spiritual intuition, some seekers feel that Sri
      Chinmoy's musical offering is like that of Sri Krishna. Or we can say
      it is like a temple bell being struck. The bell announces to all and
      sundry that within the temple a divine convocation is taking place.
      Where is Chinmoy? From whence are these vast waves of of peace, light
      and joy emanating? Follow the sound to its inner source. This is the
      secret message of Sri Chinmoy's music. Following the sound to its inner
      temple, seekers are led to a vast Universal Heart.

      Ai Ai Ai

      Come, come, come, O moon, O stars,
      O sun of the blue-vast sky,
      Come to hear the flute of Immortality in my heart,
      To watch the smile of Infinity in my life.
      Here there is no human poverty,
      no darkness-life.
      Here in this heart-nest of mine
      there is only an endless fountain-light.
      Come, come, come. Today the bird of my heart
      desires everyone.
      Come, come, come, O moon, O stars,
      O sun of the blue-vast sky.

      ┬ęSri Chinmoy
      from Supreme, Teach Me How To Cry songbook


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, "prabhakar_jts <
      prabhakar_jts@y...>" <prabhakar_jts@y...> wrote:
      > I have recently realized that I have a very unique experience when
      > it comes to Sri Chinmoy's concerts; I first became aware of this new
      > perspective in Aukland and it has become more and more inspiring as I
      > have been able to see more deeply in subsequent concerts in Taupo,
      > Wellington and Christchurch. I see the audience during concerts,
      > often from begining to the end and it wasn't until recently in
      > Aukland that i saw how the listeners are taken on a very unique
      > journey, one that no first time concert attendee could ever
      > anticipate or predict or even fathom! I have been to many such
      > concerts over the years, as many of the readership here has, but
      > seeing a perfermance through the eyes of someone new truly has
      > refreshed my own appreciation of what and how Sri Chinmoy is reaching
      > out and touching anyone who attends.
      > At the beginning of the concert Sri Chinmoy begins with his Chinmoy
      > Vina (custom esraj), and listeners are pretty much anticipating this
      > kind of soulful and calming music from a spiritual man such as Sri
      > Chinmoy, he often goes on in this way with his flute, playing sweet
      > melodies and people truly seem to be carried into a quiet place,
      > enjoying the serenity or feeling a little restless according to their
      > nature but no one is expecting what is coming next, suddenly a
      > strange and unknown sound is coming from this little box on his lap,
      > a very interesting and delightful sound followed by more sounds such
      > as a mixture of drums never before heard in such proximity together
      > and people are literally straining there necks to see what or how
      > this music is eminating from the stage. Some people are smiling at
      > these sounds, some are crunching their foreheads in perplexity, some
      > are standing up to get a better look, some are laughing but none,
      > none were ready for it, and this is what I have discovered for myself
      > and has brought me tremendous joy at these concerts.
      > Of course Sri Chinmoy then goes on to play something soft and
      > reflective and people return to their original idea of how the music
      > will go which is next totally blown away by the sampler synthesizer
      > that plays a thundering collection of strange and seemingly unrelated
      > sounds! I have to say it is absolutely comical to see the variety of
      > reactions from this swing of events into and out of the expected norm
      > that concertgoers have come to assume will unfold, and this is just
      > half way through the concert! The looks of joy and wonder always fill
      > me with admiration for Sri Chinmoy who has reached out and touched
      > others in a new and expanding way.
      > I could go on giving examples such as when he sings along with
      > the violin which I am certain is a very rare experience for most
      > music lovers or his own unique way he plays the cello, which is my
      > favourite, but for me I have a new perspective on what Sri Chinmoy is
      > offering, and though everyone is different I can see that no one
      > leaves the hall untouched by at least one aspect of the performance.
      > Also I am certain that no one leaves the hall without being stretched
      > into a new way of looking at music and perhaps even their own life.
      > All of what I have said is pretty much what anyone could see if
      > they were sharing my perspective during a concert but it is not lost
      > on me that this is still the surface of the ocean and that even as so
      > much is happening before my eyes so much more must be going on in the
      > heart of all these listeners and beyond what can be expressed with
      > words or ideas; but if I had to choose one word, something that could
      > reach into the subtle and unknown and also represent the faces of so
      > many that I have seen being surprised and satisfied, without a doubt
      > it would be summed up perfectly by the word: Delighted.
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