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Re: Spelling mistakes

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  • meriem_ao
    It is hilarious!! ... posts -
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1 8:46 AM
      It is hilarious!!

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, vasanti_hd
      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > To Niriha, myself and others who every now and then discover
      > spelling, grammar or other mistakes in their own or in other's
      posts -
      > I finally discovered again a light-hearted post by Jogyata the
      > wordsmith re correct righting (sorry), which may take away any
      > feeling of embarrassment - especially also on the part of our non-
      > English native writers - for any mishaps. (Of course it is nice,
      > though, to have your name spelled correctly...)
      > I just copied it out of the original message no. 16007:
      > ***
      > "On occasuns that are numerus
      > - it's really rather humerous –
      > We get quite lost in sillines
      > And literary dilliness
      > And ponder on apostrofies
      > And quibble on apostasies
      > Of grammar and syntacticals
      > And colons, get fanatical.
      > The object's to communikate
      > Not nitpick, mutter, obfuscate
      > And if I choose to spel `you' yu
      > And `cat' as kat or `queue' as cue
      > Or something else that may seem mocking
      > Or ignorant and deeply shocking
      > Then let's not live life fecklesslie
      > Let's live a little recklessly
      > And step outside the stifling box
      > Of `can' and `can't', I say a pox
      > On those who always bend their knee
      > To grammar, long live Heresie
      > And I say (tho' it may seem treasun)
      > Let's have some fun, abandun reasun
      > Run rampint thru decorum's `ought'
      > And `should' and `must', let's not be corght
      > By stodgie rools and regulations
      > Hurrah for de-sanc-tif-if-ication
      > And if this seems ikonoclastic
      > Or verging on the plain bombastik
      > Then dot your `i's and cross your `t's
      > And go your way and others pleeze
      > But me I luv mixed metafors
      > And always feel the better for
      > My gaucheries and malaprops
      > Ineptitudes and missed full stops
      > I'll choose another road.
      > And when I'm far too old for scrabble
      > Inventing great new words like `zabble'
      > I'll still get joy mispelling names
      > And you can tut-tut, point and blame.
      > The fire that warms arthritik legs
      > Is kindled by the dictionary
      > Thesauruses will feed the flames
      > While I rejoice in Pictionary.
      > Jogyata"
      > ***
      > :) :) :)
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