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Grace, O Divine Grace

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  • meriem_ao
    By Sri Chinmoy, extract from Grace p 40-41-42: If I can If I can perfect my faith, Thy Grace is sure to come. The more I give to Thee, The more I absorb Thy
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006
      By Sri Chinmoy, extract from "Grace" p 40-41-42:

      If I can

      "If I can perfect my faith,
      Thy Grace is sure to come.
      The more I give to Thee,
      The more I absorb Thy Balm
      That heals my bosom's pangs.
      Without Thy Love Supreme,
      Nothingness all I am –
      A dark and barren dream."

      "If we go deep within, we can see each difficulty as a boon. Formerly
      we were alone with our difficulties. Now we have become conscious
      seekers, so God's Grace has entered into our lives. God's Grace is
      constantly helping the seeker. It stands between the difficulty and
      the seeker. If one sees millions of difficulties when he sincerely
      enters into the spiritual life, then he can see them also as millions
      of blessings, because God's Grace is in them, illumining them. The
      sooner difficulties appear before us, the better, because we can
      surmount them right away.
      We should not be ungrateful to God, nor should we curse our
      fate when difficulties appear. We should be grateful that God has
      brought out all our impurities to be illumined and transcended as
      soon as possible. We have to face and conquer our enemies either
      today or tomorrow. By making ourselves worthy of God's Compassion and
      Grace, we will easily be able to overcome our difficulties.
      If we find fault with the Supreme's Law or His way of
      operating, we are making a mistake. We have to feel that we are lucky
      that we have entered into the spiritual life. Those who have not
      launched into the sea of spirituality, who are still wallowing in the
      pleasures of desire, do not even see the difficulties which surround
      them. They are totally satisfied with pleasure, which is always
      followed by frustration. Those who are awakened should be pleased
      that they at least have the ability to see the Goal ahead of them. If
      there are obstacles in their way, these obstacles cannot prevent them
      from running towards the Goal."

      "Grace is there,
      But who is there
      To value it
      And receive it?"
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