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Fringe Benefits

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  • anubha2708
    Dear All Though I haven t read the postings about the Joy Flu yet I have been hearing about it from other Centre members. Though I m not up with all the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2006
      Dear All
      Though I haven't read the postings about the Joy Flu yet I have been
      hearing about it from other Centre members. Though I'm not up with
      all the symptoms I'm convinced Adelaide has the bug. Working at JOY-
      DISCOVERY can one expect anything less?

      It's been stirring for quite a while - we could all feel something
      was happening, but last week things just got out of control.

      With a ginormous opening parade and celebrations of all fanfare last
      Friday; Adelaide is now host to the world's 2nd largest FRINGE
      FESTIVAL (2nd to only Edinburgh). 600 live performing acts and visual
      arts displays of every type throughout our modest city, including a
      stunning Jharna Kala display (part of the official program) in our
      Enterprise. God knows how many thousands of international and
      interstate visitors we have and from how many countries....

      It lasts for 3 weeks and already I'm not sure how we'll cope with
      all the joy. Our first customers yesterday were drawn to "Joy-
      Discovery" because of the name... There were six of them. Three
      Danes and 3 Aussies and all members of the official "Department of
      Collective Laughter". I kid you not. For HOURS (no joke, most of
      the day) they sat around talking about their upcoming show and how
      best to make people laugh. For just a gold coin donation you can
      enter the laughing competition, attend "Laughter Mass" and do any one
      of numerous workshops on how to REALLY laugh. They also have what
      they call "A daily giggle" they can text to your cell phone each
      day. I tell you, speaking with them something happened to me (ask
      any of my work mates). It was extraordinary and extremely funny!
      Some part of my so-called limited existence somehow seemed to brake
      into pieces and I felt my consciousness fly straight upward into the
      infinite world of JOY. Merrily... merrily Ahh.. so happy was I.

      I shared with them some of Guru's quotes about being happy and having
      a cheerful mind. They loved them (to say the least) and are going to
      use them in their show. It went on and on... such a mutual sharing
      of what may just well be the single most important quality in the
      human life.. and so many stories I could share about how clearly the
      other customers became infected. One lady, for example, was sitting
      all alone at a table waiting for her takeaway. When I went to give it
      to her she was just sitting there all by herself laughing and
      laughing (truly!). I asked her if she was okay. She replied (and
      this cracks me up), "I'm just having one of those days." Can you
      imagine! We shared a big laugh and up the stairs she floated out with
      her "Banana Calmer juice in one hand, mexicana burger in the other
      and a glowing face with a smile that definitely "threatened her ears"
      (to quote an expression I read of Prachar's once).

      The next customers were the America juggler and his Sweedish magician
      friend. They had a big pile of gold coins in a cloth bag which they
      plonked on the counter when ready to pay for their meal (takings from
      the night before's show). They were fabulously cheery too. Then
      came an endless stream of musicians and those little guys from the

      Sarah said she wishes we had the FRINGE EVERY day of the year.

      I'm looking forward to the Laughter Mass and I REALLY, REALLY want to
      win the laughing competition. Stay tuned.
      Love and joy to all
      reporting (just about) live from bustling little Adelaide
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