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Re: Morning Race with Rain-Proof Grace

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  • carr_terri
    Hi Claudia (and Slava), I really like your story about the race and the rain. I can imagine myself in similar circumstances. Something divine seems
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 27, 2006
      Hi Claudia (and Slava),

      I really like your story about the race and the rain. I can imagine
      myself in similar circumstances. Something divine seems difficult,
      so I hesitate, then finally I take the leap and charge ahead,
      surrendering my fears and apprehensions. And I am always glad that I
      went forward instead of holding back. I, like you, need reminding
      not to worry. When we are living in joy, the body's comfort does not
      really matter.

      Nice story!


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, dietlclaudia
      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Hi Slava,
      > I like your story. And I like to share another "rain-and-run"-story
      > that happened to me on the Christmas trip, although with a
      > outcome.
      > It is my last day on the trip and there is a race at 7:45 in the
      > morning instead of the next day, as the group is travelling to the
      > next place.
      > 6:15 after Guru's driving meditation and my morning program, I fall
      > back asleep. I am too tired. It is raining heavily. O, the race,
      > but everything will be totally wet... No, I do not want my suitcase
      > full with water...
      > But, it is the last day, at least go there with an umbrella for the
      > prayer. (So I am setting my alarm clock)
      > 7:30 I wake up, O my God the race! What happened to my alarm
      > Too late anyway and it is still raining (looking out of the window:
      > No rain at all) Fast decision, I jump into my running clothes and
      > rush out the room. I will never forgive myself if I miss the last
      > race without any serious excuse. The race is 10 minutes walking
      > distance away so I really hurry, after half of the distance the
      > starts again - and I start laughing. Ok fine, I accept wet clothing
      > in my suitcase and clearly see what is really important.
      > 7:45 I made it, I came right to the start, what a joy, everybody is
      > completely wet already and it is pouring like anything, but we
      > before had so much fun at the race. I run cheerfully and try to
      > my best, although my long wet cotton trousers are very heavy. I am
      > smiling throughout the race, O I never would have want to miss that
      > experience. And I am reminded, you care only for staying dry until
      > you are wet, just to find out it is not as bad as you thought it
      > be. (especially in a warm climate)
      > 8:20 back in the room I fill my schoes with newspaper to dry them
      > I am totally satisfied and grateful to the Supreme for this nice
      > experience. This race I will keep in memory...
      > Claudia
      > P.S.
      > 2 p.m. totally unexpectedly I got lifted - What a final day!
      > 5 p.m. I leave the hotel with almost fully dried running shoes,
      > was my mind worried about? ;-)
      > --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, do_slava
      > <no_reply@> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > 6.00 am
      > > Oh God, it's raining heavily outside. I wonder if there's going
      > > be a 2-mile race this morning. Will anyone from our Centre show
      > >
      > > 6.45 am
      > > Hmm, it's still raining and it's all wet outside. Should I really
      > go
      > > to the race? I don't like riding the bike in the rain. And then
      > > have to run in the rain through the puddles. And where can I put
      > > clothes while I run to keep them dry?
      > >
      > > 7.00 am
      > > Wait a second! The rain has just stopped. I guess, I should be
      > > leaving now for the race. Ok, let's go, you'll be late.
      > >
      > > 7.30 am
      > > Oh, just look around! Such a nice view of the lake and the
      > freshness
      > > of the morning really beckons you to come out. And everyone from
      > the
      > > Centre who usually comes to the race is out there! What a
      > commitment
      > > to come out despite chilling rain just minutes earlier!
      > >
      > > 7.45 am
      > > Finish! I feel great and energized for the entire weekend!
      > >
      > > 7.50 am
      > > Can't believe it – it started to rain again! Oh, thank you God
      > > your rain-proof grace this morning to encourage us to come out to
      > > run!
      > >
      > > Slava D.
      > >
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