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Re: Sri Chinmoy's Creative Flow!

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  • nivedak_corradini <nivedak_corradini@yah
    Dear Agraha, I greatly appreciated you message on Sri Chinmoy s achievement of 17,000 songs and your feelings about it. The breadth of Sri Chinmoy s songs is
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 18, 2003
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      Dear Agraha,

      I greatly appreciated you message on Sri Chinmoy's
      achievement of 17,000 songs and your feelings about it.

      The breadth of Sri Chinmoy's songs is truly matchless - they
      encompass such a variety of aspects and feelings that
      my mind cannot dare to grasp them. But I live very
      close to them, singing them every day, sometimes for
      over an hour.
      I have been fortunate over the years to learn about
      4,000 of those songs. I found it almost impossible
      to learn the first 50 when I started many years ago,
      but the songs themselves taught me how to learn them:
      with the heart's embrace, rather than mind-power. Since
      then it has become easier and easier, being carried
      by the wonderful flow of the melodies.

      By the way anyone interested can find much inspiration
      and information on Sri Chinmoy's music at:


      With friendship,


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      <agraha@b...>" <agraha@b...> wrote:
      > Sri Chinmoy has composed over 17,000 songs in total! That is more
      > than any other human being in history! Just writing that and
      > to fathom Sri Chinmoy's matchless musical contributions is
      > to me. A few days ago, at the end of our time in New Zealand, he
      > composed more than 30 songs, one after the other. I was thrilled
      > be privileged to watch this flow of creativity from Sri Chinmoy.
      > Each of Sri Chinmoy's song-creations is unique. Each song is
      > uplifting in its own way. Some are slow. Some are fast. Some are
      > lilting and lyrical, while others are powerful and direct! I was
      > struck by how Sri Chinmoy went from one song to the next with not
      > even a brief pause. I saw and felt so profoundly that Sri Chinmoy
      > really has free access to the inspiration-bird!
      > I have been so privileged to experience this with Sri Chinmoy's
      > painting, drawing of birds and writing of poetry. Somehow this
      > with Sri Chinmoy's musical compositions, I felt so much a part of
      > his creative flow. There was a thread of profound joy weaving its
      > way through each of the songs...joy in creation, joy in offering
      > something new and joy in serving humanity!
      > Imagine being able to fly on the inspiration-bird at any time you
      > wish to, as Sri Chinmoy so often does!
      > I also feel more and more that Sri Chinmoy's creative flow is a
      > of me--that this magnificent creative ocean which Sri Chinmoy is
      > also inviting me and all of us to participate in!
      > Gratefully,
      > Agraha
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