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  • suchana27
    Hi Sharani! Thank you so much for your fantastic and detailed descriptions in the East! I have just seen some of your colourful photos and liked the Temples
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 31, 2005
      Hi Sharani!

      Thank you so much for your fantastic and detailed descriptions in the
      I have just seen some of your colourful photos and liked the Temples
      series a lot!

      Happy New Year! :))

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      > The Perfect Day
      > Last Tuesday I enjoyed a day full of adventure with several
      friends. After a morning of
      > intense meditation, we headed off on a daytrip to see a reclining
      Buddha statue inside a
      > cave and to visit a waterfall. Our first stop took us to the hotel
      next door to where I am
      > staying so that a friend could change. As we waited in the taxi
      outside that hotel, I jumped
      > out of the car and wandered to and fro on rainbow chasing detail
      because there was a
      > mixture of sun and rain happening. Since it is the rainy season, it
      usually rains for a while
      > every day. Generally speaking, I had the sense that the stormy
      skies were too thick to
      > encourage the sighting of rainbows even if there were spots of
      clearing. While waiting to
      > leave, I naturally could not resist skyward glances nonetheless.
      > Despite no rainbow appearance, we were in high spirits and the
      tenor of our adventure
      > quickly encompassed multiple stops along the way to photograph
      animals near the road.
      > Once our taxi driver understood our predilections, he pulled over
      frequently and helped us
      > spot all manner of animals. We took photos of sheep, cows and
      monkeys, all just from the
      > rolled down window of the car. The driver also pointed out various
      kinds of fruit trees that
      > do not exist in America – I cannot remember the name of the tree
      species. Seeing monkeys
      > on the guardrail and utility poles by the road was great fun! We
      were definitely taking the
      > "local stop" approach to our two sightseeing attractions but the
      leisurely pace invited a
      > very contented serene atmosphere.
      > When we finally arrived at the outcropping of rock that contained
      the cave, before us stood
      > a seemingly endless ascent of steep stairs up the cliff. We were
      hardly prepared for what
      > awaited us. For the non-athletic ones among our group, it was our
      own version of Mt.
      > Everest. Up, up, up! At one point, we guessed that we climbed more
      stairs than what we
      > entertained once on the Great Wall in China last year. Finally, we
      arrived at the cave. Then
      > the driver who accompanied us made everyone put on gloves because
      of the germs from
      > bats and such that are inside the cave. We walked through a very
      dark and dripping cave
      > with the noise of bats off in the shadows. After a rather long walk
      through the cave itself,
      > at last we encountered the sleeping Buddha statue. It is located in
      a spot that receives a
      > spotlight of sunlight from an opening very high up at certain times
      of the day. The statue
      > itself was built in the 1950's. It also contains several other
      smaller shrines and statues,
      > including a Shiva lingam.
      > Since what goes up must come down, this stage of our adventure was
      not over until we
      > retraced our steps back down from the cave to the entrance of this
      Buddhist temple.
      > Making this journey in the tropical heat was rather trying. Some of
      us had never been in
      > such a large cave ever before so it was a fascinating experience
      all the same.
      > Driving away back through a palm oil fruit plantation, we marveled
      at the view of a
      > veritable forest of palm trees. Shortly later, we arrived at the
      waterfall. This location
      > includes several spots for swimming and even camping. First you
      walk along a river and
      > make your way through the woods along the river. You pass a rope-
      type bridge and then
      > come to a small pool with the waterfall spilling into it. It's
      absolutely stunning and the
      > sound of the rushing water is electrifying. Only one of us had come
      prepared to swim but
      > as we watched people frolicking in the waterfall it was
      irresistible. Off came the shoes, and
      > fully clothed we dived in.
      > We leaned back against the waterfall's descent against the rocks
      and shrieked with
      > delight. It felt like receiving a massage or taking a Jacuzzi times
      100. With my glasses off, I
      > exclaim that the waterfall just seemed to get even stronger but in
      fact it had started to
      > rain fairly heavily. Our driver and the others took shelter under a
      little overhang and
      > drenched to the skin I joined them. We patiently waited with others
      there for swimming for
      > the rain to let up since we had our cameras and other odds and ends
      that we didn't want
      > to get wet. Once again the sun came out even though it was raining.
      One person had an
      > umbrella and with that sheltering my camera I was back in rainbow
      chasing mode. We
      > stood on the bridge that swayed to and fro as one walks on it and
      looked for rainbows. No
      > luck! With the rain stopped completely, it was at last time to
      > Our driver brings many people to the waterfalls so he was prepared
      with plastic to put on
      > the car seats to protect from our wetness. For the first time since
      arriving, the thought of
      > air conditioning was abhorrent. We made our way home with it off
      and the windows rolled
      > down. Almost immediately after pulling out from the waterfall, the
      driver found a rainbow
      > off to the right. In the blink of an eye, I leapt from the car to
      photograph it. Both he and
      > one of our friends from Singapore emphasized that a rainbow
      sighting is a rather rare
      > occurrence. It seemed that my determined hunt was rewarded – ask
      and you shall receive!
      > Having absolutely adored swimming in the waterfall, we truly felt
      that this had been a
      > most perfect day. On our way home, we stopped to visit a Taoist
      temple that our driver
      > belongs to. He explained a great deal to us about the statues and
      such. Our day drew to a
      > close with great reluctance, as we had to get back in time for a
      dinner counting shift at the
      > hotel.
      > This perfect and happy day seemed full to overflowing – adventurous
      climbing into a cave,
      > the playfulness of the waterfall cascade, the whisper of a rainbow,
      the spirit of the Taoist
      > temple, and the nature panorama. Which moment shines forth as the
      > experience? the healing flow of the waterfall? the opportunity to
      finally take pictures of all
      > the animals that we had been seeing when in the car? the rainbow
      since I dearly love them?
      > No. The shining moment in this perfect day resided inside the
      revolution of a motorized
      > bike's wheel as it silently proceeded through the hotel lobby.
      During a spontaneous
      > meditation, which began as we were in the middle of a play practice
      in the lobby, my heart
      > was overpowered with an explosion of inner sweetness as I imagined
      a vision of the dust
      > of the dust of the dust of God's Feet scattering in the path of
      this bike's wheel.
      > For me, God's Feet symbolize the place where Heaven and Earth meet.
      I imagine they
      > embody the very essence of forgiveness and unconditional love. The
      contemplation of
      > even the dust of God's Feet was indeed the supernal moment of this
      most perfect day.
      > What a wonderful opportunity to taste such varied adventures with
      the remembrance of
      > God as the core undercurrent flowing through each and every happy
      > I will of course add some photos of these adventures when I have
      the time. I go home the
      > day after tomorrow so time will tell how quickly the visuals get
      > Sharani
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