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Re: Artistry in the Sand from Tiny Crabs

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  • morrisklein27
    Thank you, Sharani, for your thoughtful, entertaining and profound post- as always! You write with a simplicity which belies the depth and genuine inspiration
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 26, 2005
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      Thank you, Sharani, for your thoughtful, entertaining and profound
      post- as always!

      You write with a simplicity which belies the depth and genuine
      inspiration of your thought.

      Thanks for taking us frozen locals "right there" to that distant
      beach to see those sea crabs and mandalas.

      With sincere gratitude,


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, sharani_sharani
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > A universe of natural wonder beckons from all corners of the globe.
      If I step
      > through the doorway of awe and attention, nothing less than magic
      > whatever the address. Equipped with the naturalist and explorer's
      > perspective, God's natural creation sings a symphony of majesty.
      > I ventured out onto the ocean beach for a stroll carrying the odd
      > of a script to memorize my lines for an upcoming performance and my
      > in case adventure paid me a visit. While I tried to immerse myself
      in the
      > character, the sand quickly diverted my attention while it shifted
      as if alive
      > under my feet. Little holes popped up all over like little
      blowholes on a whale.
      > In the blink of an eye, tiny crabs the same colour of the sand
      scurried about
      > and disappeared down into the sand or appeared up from beneath the
      > The sand was also formed into a vast mosaic of mandala shapes that
      > appeared to be like bursts of fireworks exploding on the sand. Some
      > had tiny mounds that were perfectly formed spirals. Sooner than at
      once, my
      > script had turned into a knee rest to protect my freshly laundered
      pants. It was
      > all I could do to keep myself from lying down completely to watch
      the crabs
      > with complete fascination so that I could better understand their
      > Mostly they disappear under the sand as soon as you come close to
      > Actually observing them took some degree of patience and quiet. As
      I left the
      > world of people aside, I finally began to understand that these
      crabs would
      > create a little hole by carrying drops of wet sand up and out of
      the hole and
      > then place the sand carefully around them, first creating their own
      version of a
      > sandcastle with walls for their little hole. Sometimes as soon as
      they noticed
      > me looking at them or trying to take a photo they disappear back
      into the hole.
      > Somehow I must have eventually adjusted myself more to their
      > because as time passed and I moved slowly along the beach, I had
      better and
      > better luck co-existing near them without them scurrying away.
      > I was rather overcome with awe as I realized that this vast network
      of spiral
      > designs painted on the sand was the handiwork of tinier than the
      tiniest crabs
      > (most of the ones I saw were no bigger than my fingernail). These
      designs in
      > the sand looked just like mandalas created by a human artist. I
      tried to capture
      > their artistry with my camera but I must confess that the pictures
      I will put in my
      > gallery album might not do them justice.
      > As I made my way back towards the hotel, in the distance I saw a
      large blue
      > kite being flown in the sky on the beach. My intention was to
      capture a photo
      > of it from a closer view but I kept stopping, setting my camera to
      close-up view
      > and kneeling back down in the sand mesmerized by the tiny crabs.
      They so
      > completely captivated my attention that by the time I got back to
      the hotel the
      > kite flyer was long gone.
      > Did you ever know that sand crabs are artists adept at creating
      > masterpieces? I am continually amazed at the diversity and grandeur
      > Nature. It matters not whether I am a mere short distance from my
      > observing swans and ducks or thousands of miles away walking on a
      > instead of a bike path. The common denominator seems to be that one
      > through the doorway of awe offers a sweeping journey into the
      domain of
      > beauty. And I find adopting the viewpoint of a naturalist brings
      the deepest
      > peace and satisfaction imaginable.
      > It truly is a meditation for me. Finding divinity in the smallest
      aspects of God's
      > creation only enhances its glory. Gratitude blossoms inside me
      every time I
      > am so lucky to walk through that doorway of awe, which can be
      visited in
      > every clime. I can only wish that someday you would also be lucky
      enough to
      > discover the crab artists busy at work turning a sandy beach into a
      > masterpiece.
      > Sharani
      > p.s. I have included a few photos of these crabs and their
      handiwork in my
      > Latest Travels-2005 albums available at:
      > http://tinyurl.com/d4pak
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