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Re: 17'000 songs - I remember

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  • nivedak_corradini <nivedak_corradini@yah
    Dear Shashanka, your I remember... has brought a lot of joy to my heart. I was happy to share some of the reminiscences that you soulfully describe. But it
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      Dear Shashanka,

      your "I remember..." has brought a lot of joy to my heart.
      I was happy to share some of the reminiscences that you
      soulfully describe. But it also brought back to me many
      other of my own experiences had with Sri Chinmoy's music over
      many years. Thank you for that, and let's get ready
      to celebrate adequately when 18,000 songs will be reached!


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      <newinspiration2003@y...>" <newinspiration2003@y...> wrote:
      > Dear friends,
      > Yesterday we briefly celebrated Sri Chinmoy's achievement of
      > composing His 17'000 song. This is another milestone in the
      > life of self-offering to humanity. A life already so rich in
      > milestones and outstanding achievements that these accomplishments
      > the fields of literature, music, art and athletics represent for
      me a
      > huge fortress of spiritual inspiration-light that will guide
      > humanity throughout eternity on its way to the fullfillment of its
      > destiny.
      > I was a little bit sad that we did not celebrate this special
      > achievement more so I am adding here my personal, spontaneous
      > reflection.
      > * * * *
      > I remember...
      > I remember chanting timidly for the first time the Mantra "AUM" in
      > the Meditation Groove of the first Madal Bal Health food store in
      > Zurich where I discovered Sri Chinmoy's Meditation path.
      > I remember how Panchajanya taught me my first song "Phule Phule"
      > the back seat of a car on the way to a Joy day.
      > I remember Kanan's and Tanima's group singing their 50 songs at
      > Progress-Promise during celebrations in the early 80's.
      > I remember the unforgettable concert with Akasha at Progress-
      > where we were all in Heaven and where Sri Chinmoy's stood up and
      > blessed all the singers.
      > I remember learning dozens and dozens and hundreds and hundreds of
      > songs in Kailash's early group.
      > I remember how much joy and devotion I developped singing these
      > accompaning myself on the harmonium.
      > I remember how long it took me (about one year !) to learn
      the "long
      > song" (52 pages!) that Sri Chinmoy composed in dedication to Sri
      > Aurobindo and how it has become one of my real jewels on my
      > aspiration-heart shrine.
      > I remember two special moments while singing with Hiyamallar's
      > in front of Sri Chinmoy: One time Sri Chinmoy spontaneously and
      > of humour and imagination presented each of the members of the
      > to the students present at Aspiration-Ground. On an other occasion
      > while singing "Mama prabhu" I was bathing in a sea of tears while
      > felt complete devotion towards my Master.
      > I remember how Sri Chinmoy's Bhagavad Gita and Upanishad songs,
      > are among my absolute favourites, have time and again brought
      > peace, strength and inspiration to my life.
      > I remember of course learning and singing the 1000 songs (and
      > subsequently a few hundred more) with Kailash's "Himalayan Summit-
      > Singers" group. This was (and now as a listener it still is) an
      > journey which offers glimpses of hopes, dreams, aspirations,
      > struggles, realisations of the seeker while travelling towards the
      > goal of self- or God-realisation. I particularly remember the
      > incredible and infinite force I was feeling and seeing inside and
      > that at times was pushing me forward.
      > I remember how much inspiration I got in Moscow to see how Sri
      > Chinmoy's students there had published these 1000 songs from
      > Kailash's group in book form (one beautiful book for each 100
      > with the accompaning tape for easier learning.
      > I remember once how I was carried away into a land of delight
      > celebrations at Aspiration-Ground as Ranjana's Bhajan group was
      > practising outside on the lawn.
      > I shall always remember how many times Sri Chinmoy's singing at
      > concerts and on tape has thrilled me and uplifted me but
      > I shall always remember the concert on the morning after the
      > session of the Parliment of Religions in Chicago in 1992 where Sri
      > Chinmoy played and sang for Swami Vivekananda. My tears of delight
      > were streaming during the whole concert.
      > I shall remember for a long time the performance that Govinda's
      > singing group gave yesterday morning here in Cairns, Australia. It
      > was beautiful beyond words and one of the highlights of the trip
      > me.
      > I shall always love and treasure Sri Chinmoy's songs because they
      > for me my Masters ceaseless river of love flowing towards humanity
      > and inviting anybody to be carried away to shores of joy, light
      > delight.
      > With deepest gratitude,
      > Shashanka
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