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Re: Inspiration Sounds & An Inquiry into the Word "Inspiration"

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  • sharani_sharani
    Hi Budhsamudra, I haven t listened to one of the readings yet but I read on the site about your vision for this new project that traces back to your childhood
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 2005
      Hi Budhsamudra,

      I haven't listened to one of the readings yet but I read on the site
      about your vision for this new project that traces back to your
      childhood fondness for radio theatre. I used to listen to a program
      called Radio Mystery Theatre that came on once a week on the main AM
      station in my town. Radio theatre surely stimulates the imagination
      which makes it a rather thrilling medium.

      I wonder how attached you are to the title for this project? I'm
      lamenting that the poor word inspiration is about to die from overuse
      and overwork here in our creative realms. Prachar has already weighed
      in the subject when the title of Inspiration Letters was debated.
      Until now we haven't seemed to succeed in coming up with any
      compelling alternatives. Unfortunately, the overuse of this word has
      me suspecting that there is a stark shortage of real **inspiration**
      for some new, creative and original names for our diverse offerings.

      Maybe contests with prizes :-) is a solution? We came up with lots of
      ideas for Niriha's attempt to win an airplane ticket on the discount
      airfare site. Since criticism is cheap and real encouragement dear, it
      is only fair that I suggest additional words to add to our repertoire
      besides the word inspiration. A brainstorm during my morning commute
      found the following words passing by: Enthusiasm TV instead of
      Inspiration TV - since it's focused on good news that engenders
      positive feelings; Expansion Sounds or Sounds of Expansion instead of
      Inspiration Sounds - since what we're all about with our spiritual
      inquiry is expansion of consciousness - ego to universal...

      My brainstorm list of words to play with

      These words are not excessively unique and have been used a lot too by
      spiritual folk but if we share the wealth a little the poor word
      inspiration might not be so easily translated as an overdone motto for
      our group. Those of us who are his students are used to Sri Chinmoy's
      creative use of the English language. He often creates compound word
      concepts to bring forward inner realms. Let's brainstorm a little and
      if in the end we're still intent on the word inspiration as our motto
      at least it won't be for lack of trying.

      Hearkening Horizon
      Heartbeat Drummer
      Perception Promise
      Truth Traveler
      Spirit Pilgrim
      Beckoning Beyond
      Light Sounds
      Spirit Vista
      Horizon Light

      Sharani :-)

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, budhsamudra
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > I would like to introduce a new page on Sri Chinmoy Radio.Called
      > Inspiration Sounds,it is a place you can visit to listen to selected
      > stories of Sri Chinmoys,dramatised by several different readers.
      > In these stories Sri Chinmoy conveys ancient truths and pearls of
      > wisdom on a vast range of topics,to guide and inspire the best in us
      > all.
      > On a technical matter the ideal way to listen to the stories is with
      > Quick Time 7. Or with iTunes,for you then automatically have Quick
      > Time.
      > Type in www.srichinmoyradio.org to check it out, and if you`d like to
      > leave a comment please to so as we`d love to hear from you.
      > Happy listening,
      > Budhsamudra.
      > Editor.
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