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Re: Weekend Functions-Oct. - Guru's phone call

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  • dietlclaudia
    Thank you for this nice report. In Germany, we were indeed eagerly waiting for Guru s phone call. First, He asked how many we were. Guru had expected 700 but
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      Thank you for this nice report. In Germany, we were indeed eagerly
      waiting for Guru's phone call.
      First, He asked how many we were. Guru had expected 700 but the
      number was only 600. In spite of this Guru cold all disciples over 20
      years to the phone and gave his personal blessings. This were over 50
      people and I found it quite amazing that Guru spoke to so many people
      in person.
      It was nice for us under 20 too, although we could not here what Guru
      said. But the atmosphere was full of blessingful silence.
      Then Guru spoke to us and mentioned the function for his sister Lily.
      He said that the Bhajan-singers sang most most soulfully.
      We then sang "My Lord Beloved Supreme" and Guru said a few things
      more about a lift that He wants to do before Christmas.

      I did not get everything properly this time, but was inwardly totally
      happy and peaceful. This really made the Joyday special and

      with Gratitude

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      > Weekend Functions-Oct. 29-30
      > This weekend in Jamaica, New York that is, turned out to be fairly
      > good weather compared to the cold spell which had settled in during
      > the past week. After a chilly Saturday morning two mile race (see
      > prayer and results on posting # 15662), the weather starting going
      > way as we prepared for a special function honoring Sri Chinmoy's
      > sister Lily's birthday in the afternoon.
      > The International group of women singers called the Bhajan Singers,
      > started the program with about an hour of very soulful and haunting
      > renditions of Sri Chinmoy's songs relating to Lily-di. On the last
      > song, `Antare', Sri Chinmoy joined them in the singing. He later
      > explained that the words were written by Lily and he set them to
      > many years ago. He described it as a most beautiful song, and there
      > was no doubt about that for those who heard it performed today.
      > Following the uplifting music, Sri Chinmoy amused us with some very
      > sweet stories about Lily. I myself remember when she had come to
      > in New York for the first and only time in 1978. It was quite cold
      > usual in the beginning of the year and she had never been out of the
      > hot weather of South India most of her life. It was very difficult
      > her to get used to the extreme cold, and I recall that she had
      > lots of warm clothes to wear-jackets, hats, gloves, etc. She would
      > wear them sometimes even indoors. She was so kind and self-giving,
      > sometimes even giving us prasad at functions. Some of the beautiful
      > photos of Lily from those days decorated the Aspiration-Ground tent
      > and reminded me of some of the memorable experiences she blessed us
      > with back then. Her presence seemed quite powerful and sweet at this
      > function honoring her, such a wonderful member of Sri Chinmoy's
      > family. Sri Chinmoy said that she was all sacrifice for her `younger
      > brother.'
      > The good singers and musicians practiced and recorded a special song
      > for a very great musician who is a special friend of Sri Chinmoy. He
      > and his family were visiting in New York this weekend performing at
      > Carnegie Hall. With Premik as our leader and conductor, the song
      > recently written by Sri Chinmoy became very powerfully alive as the
      > whole `orchestra' played it quite enthusiastically for audio and
      > as well.
      > After the performance, Sri Chinmoy offered a special Indian sweet
      > prasad in honor of Lily-di. He then said that there would be a short
      > break because he wanted to call a German Centre that was hosting a
      > Day with hundreds of Europeans eagerly awaiting his call. Here we
      > were, so fortunate to be spending most of the day with our great
      > Teacher, and others were so happy just to hear his voice on the
      > telephone for a few minutes. This really gives us a better
      > on the blessings and privileges we receive to be in the presence of
      > real Spiritual Master.
      > After a meal and prasad, Sri Chinmoy asked Saleha to come up to sing
      > one of his songs. She comes from Bengal originally and is an
      > and powerfully sweet singer. She sang `Ogo Dayamoy, Ogo Kripamoy'
      > sweetly and strongly. Sri Chinmoy then announced a concert that he
      > would be giving that evening at a nearby church/temple.
      > The concert at night was a bit shorter than usual, and after Sri
      > Chinmoy's soulful performance on about 6 instruments, we were
      > to a very sweet performance of young musicians belonging to the
      > church. They played on sitars and harmonium and tablas in unison. It
      > was quite touching and entertaining as the same time.
      > On Sunday, the weather became almost spring-like and the tent was
      > to the warm air a bit. In the afternoon, we were blessed with the
      > presence of young Hiyakanta and her parents who recently returned
      > a cruise to Central America. Sri Chinmoy asked them to tell us
      > about it. With Lotika translating from Russian to English, we
      > about an hour of wonderful stories about the trip. They described
      > beautiful it was, especially Costa Rica.
      > We asked questions afterwards and heard even more great stories
      > the very educational and enjoyable cruise. The guest is a great
      > Russian athlete who recently won gold medals in the Olympics last
      > year. She has had some ups and downs in her competition this past
      > but explained that it was Sri Chinmoy's encouragement and support
      > helped her through the difficult times and injuries. She ended up by
      > winning a prestigious Grand Prix competition held in many European
      > countries this year.
      > As November comes upon us and the leaves start decorating the
      > landscape with a variety of brilliant colors, we look forward to
      > inspirational functions and blessings to share with our brothers and
      > sisters everywhere.
      > Gratefully,
      > Arpan
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