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Re: Sri Chinmoy's World Harmony Concert, Hamburg

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  • projjwal27
    Dear Snehashila, thanks for your words. It was great to have you on the tour and it is inspiring to see you so full of positive enthusiasm and energy at such a
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 1, 2005
      Dear Snehashila,

      thanks for your words. It was great to have you on the tour and it is
      inspiring to see you so full of positive enthusiasm and energy at
      such a young age. By the way, we still consider your offer about

      who also had a phantastic tour

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      > Re: Sri Chinmoy's World Harmony Concert Tour -- Three Magical Weeks
      > After arriving home at JFK airport and while standing on line to
      have our passports
      > checked, a young Hassidic Jewish couple were right behind me. I
      had noticed them on the
      > plane, both so beautiful...he with his large hat and growth of
      beard, she with a colorful
      > scarf covering her hair. I smiled as we moved along towards the
      exit desks and then she
      > spoke to me... She commented on how much energy I seemed to have
      and wondered how I
      > got it. Then before I even had a chance to answer her, she
      said, "Oh, I know, it's here on
      > the back of your shirt...Self-Transcendence!" We had a very sweet
      animated conversation
      > and when we parted, she said, "I think we will be seeing one
      another again." I was
      > feeling very, very charged after those 3 weeks with Sri Chinmoy.
      Interestingly, she had
      > picked up on this.
      > Beginning in Cambodia was the meeting with the Prime Minister, then
      the following day
      > was the extremely reverential awarding of the honorary doctorate.
      My foremost
      > impression of Cambodians is that they are always smiling and
      happy...a real delight to be
      > in their midst. Their true feelings burst forth in the most
      outward display of devotion I
      > have ever experienced shown to our teacher. The extreme gentleness
      and awe they
      > displayed while putting the ceremonial robes and hat on him was
      overwhelming to me.
      > Such sweetness and tenderness! And they gifted him with many huge
      bouquets of flowers
      > which he was eager to hold onto. Like a young child, he showed his
      delight in such a
      > charming, humble way. They truly adored him, having prepared
      extensive videos of all of
      > his achievements. It showed their real sincere awareness of his
      greatness. At the end he
      > sang, "My Own Gratitude Heart is All that Matters". Yes, it was
      > In Switzerland I was extremely grateful to attend the 170
      Instruments Concert at
      > Interlaken. Surrounded by huge jagged black mountains, it is very
      difficult to describe the
      > breathtakingly magical atmosphere that nature has created here. The
      flowers in such
      > splendiferous bloom, reminded me of Aspiration Ground. It was
      truly the proper setting
      > for heaven's musical decent down to man. In no time, this concert
      was over...how could it
      > be?
      > Now -- about the most successful 8 day long Harmony Concert Tour
      through Germany
      > where more than 30,000 seekers attended 9 beautiful concerts. Hans-
      Dieter from
      > Augsburg remarked that on this journey Sri Chinmoy spread a flowing
      river of light
      > throughout all of Germany. And indeed this was true -- he did
      encircle the country, both
      > on foot -- early mornings he walked and soon regained much of his
      > power -- and then in Kailash's car he certainly poured a grand
      circle of his light while
      > traveling daily to all those cities, weaving in and out of East
      Germany, even. He left all
      > encompassing mists and streaks of purity wherever he touched.
      > It would take too much space to relate each city's grand event.
      No, I didn't have a favorite
      > city except I must mention that I was totally delighted by the
      sheer beauty and the feeling
      > that exists in Dresden. Such a soft vibration! If anything can be
      faulted, it is that we could
      > not spend more time exploring each city. Next time we should have
      two days instead of
      > just one. So much to see and appreciate! Mention must be made that
      almost all the halls
      > were filled to overflowing. In Munich, in fact, two concerts
      needed to be held, one at 4:00,
      > the other at 8:00. The hall was huge, the stage decorated with
      enlarged bird-drawings on
      > very long flowing silk-like fabric panels -- 3 on each side of Sri
      Chinmoy which gave us a
      > continuous "light show" throughout the concerts. Different colored
      lights were flashed
      > onto this shimmery material -- red and orange to designate power,
      then blues and greens
      > to simulate softness and gentleness, depending upon what music our
      teacher was then
      > playing. This light show in itself showed such a power in
      transporting us to some higher
      > heavenly world. I marveled at the skill of these color changings
      while being dazzled by the
      > voices of the many, many stringed instruments that were chosen
      along with some flutes,
      > the harmonium, the Hawaiian guitar, the cello and then the most
      dramatic of all -- the
      > synthesizer! Meanwhile on the extremely large video screen against
      the back of the entire
      > stage, there appeared many enlarged Jharna Kalas that seemed to be
      breathing, almost to
      > be alive. And Sri Chinmoy's image on the screen then portrays the
      depth of meditation
      > holding the source of every note. These short pauses were
      interspersed at just what
      > seemed to be the right amount of time going from our teacher's
      playing to the paintings
      > and then on to the Soul Birds' drawings. Just sheer artistry! When
      they say that the
      > Germans' most dominate trait is that of attention to every detail,
      this certainly was a
      > testament on these many, many levels. All the concerts used the
      same backdrops, being
      > dismantled and transported each evening on to the next city.
      Mention also must be made
      > that when Sri Chinmoy sang, his voice became more and more
      beautiful as the weeks
      > passed by. Tiredness was never in evidence, I was surprised at the
      clarity and the sheer
      > beauty of his tone right up to the very end.
      > One of the Russian guests who was present each evening was a
      prominent university
      > professor. He gave a wonderful speech in Russian about who Sri
      Chinmoy truly is. The
      > speech was translated into German, but as the professor was very
      enthusiastic to convey
      > his feelings, the poor translator couldn't keep up with him, so not
      all that he said was
      > translated. But, the feeling was definitely conveyed. At one of
      the last concerts, he
      > presented an honorary degree to Sri Chinmoy that was signed by the
      President of Russia.
      > Then on the final evening, during the concert in Hamburg, our
      teacher had composed a
      > song in his honor and a huge choir sang this in a very dramatic and
      brilliant arrangement.
      > Afterwards, our teacher gave him his spiritual name and begged his
      forgiveness in
      > allowing us to call him by this name. This very gentle man then
      clasped and kissed our
      > master's hands. It was very moving for me and I felt honored to
      be present for all this.
      > Then the concert resumed as this guest took his seat. There
      remained only one instrument
      > left to play: a large synthesizer with such sounds of victory and
      triumph over all the
      > evilness of this world. Each concert ended with the playing of
      this instrument and each
      > had a uniqueness, but must mention that it was in Mannheim that I
      had such a powerful
      > experience. Also, in
      > this city, we got to visit the finished temple -- or was it
      actually in Heidelberg? It was
      > indeed a thrill! Perched atop an almost indestructible stone
      mountain that needed to be
      > broken by hand since no power equipment could be hoisted up there,
      we discovered such
      > beauty and gorgeousness that cannot even be described. You must go
      there and climb
      > those steep, white marble steps and experience a truly living
      symbol worthy to be
      > designated as a Sri Chinmoy Shrine. Every disciple must plan to do
      this in this lifetime.
      > For me celebrations is all about power whereas an intimate trip
      such as this, is all about
      > sweetness. Yes, this was a trip of self-transcendence for me!
      Just as that young Jewish
      > woman had felt compelled to question me about, I do feel as though
      I have surpassed all
      > the other trips I have ever been on before -- and on many different
      levels. To have a
      > master and to have the opportunity to share your life with him is
      indeed the greatest
      > blessing any human being can ever have. I am grateful... very
      grateful for having been
      > given this most unusual opportunity.
      > Lovingly, Snehashila
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      > > Dear Purnasamarpan.
      > >
      > > Congratulations on receiving your souls name!
      > >
      > > To change your ID:
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      > > The rest will speak for itself I'm sure.
      > >
      > >
      > > Warm greetings,
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Tatiana
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > > I also received my souls name after the concert in Hamburg,
      which is:
      > > > Purnasamarpan
      > > >
      > > > I already tried to change my YahooID, but I was not successful.
      > > > Perhaps somebody knows how to do it. Otherwise I open a new
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