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Re: Final comments on Sri Chinmoy's German concert tour

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  • one_prachar
    Dear Projjwal Who deserves to remain in bliss Sincere and awed congratulations to all our German brothers and sisters who have through their resolute and
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      Dear Projjwal
      Who deserves to remain in bliss

      Sincere and awed congratulations to all our German brothers and
      sisters who have through their resolute and flourishing heart-power
      made possible such a resounding success of this daunting and
      formidable challenge. Never did you blink an eye or take a backward
      step in your wholehearted embrace and absolute commitment to
      fulfilling this momentous vision and bringing it to a glorious

      Gratitude comes hand-in-hand with our congratulations, for you have
      raised the flag of faith and set it on high for us all to follow suit.
      You inspire by your actions, which are the real lasting and
      convincing leadership.

      May your bliss continue to spread all around, to the furthest fringes
      of time and space.

      Appreciatingly yours


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, projjwal27
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > One week after the last concert of the World Harmony Concert Tour
      > Germany here are a few final comments on the tour.
      > In February � still in China � Sri Chinmoy expressed his
      wish to come
      > to Germany to give a concert tour for one week � every day in
      > different city. The time was set for September and when coming back
      > home, preperations started for this great event. All of us - that
      > all the German students of Sri Chinmoy were deeply inspired and
      > enthusiastic about this opportunity and challenge for we did not
      > such an event for about 15 years. Of course we wanted to have as
      > listeners as possible and the halls of the 8 cities that were
      > for a concert had a total capacity of over 30.000 people � and
      > wanted to fill those halls.
      > From May on until the concert everybody was busy with flyering and
      > postering and slowly the ticket reservations started to come in.
      > During the next few weeks and months the centre of all our
      > shifted more and more to the concert tour and the closer the dates
      > got the more excited we became. Shortly before the tour everything
      > looked good and except some minor problems things went smoothly.
      > It is always inspiring to throw yourself into a project thas is
      > completely new and where you have to organize everything from
      > scratch. That includes the posters, leaflets, the sound, the light,
      > the video equipment, the accomodations, the food, the directions,
      > finances � all the things that you usally never do. But again
      as so
      > often when you do something for Sri Chinmoy, everything seems to
      > into place, and looking back now it seems that the organisation was
      > done or guided by a higher spirit. We ourselves could never have
      > it in such an "easy and simple" way.
      > The tour itself was a long cherished dream come true for Germany.
      > There were 9 concerts in 8 cities on 8 consecutive days and the
      > went from Freiburg in the very south through all of Germany to
      > Hamburg in the very north. At the end we had counted 29.732
      > who had come to the concerts. There were countless inspiring
      > experiences and incidents � for me most inspiring was to see
      so many
      > thousands of people coming to hear and see Maestro Sri Chinmoy,
      > of whom had waited for such an occasion for years. The soulfulness
      > and concentrated attention of such a great audience touched me
      > deeply.
      > Of course to have Guru Sri Chinmoy in your home country for such a
      > long time is a phantastic experience and a great blessing. His
      > concerts and meditations as well as the following private functions
      > were delightful and joyful. Looking back I think this will remain
      > an outstanding historic spiritual journey that the soul of Germany
      > and the hearts of the German seekers will forever cherish and
      > treasure.
      > All our gratitude goes to Sri Chinmoy and to all the hundreds of
      > selfless helpers who made this tour such a great unforgettable
      > experience.
      > Projjwal
      > Who is still in bliss
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