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Rainbow Synchronicity

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  • sharani_sharani
    Yesterday I found myself in the midst of a dance with the dragon of physical pain. My on-again off-again history of trouble with back pain had flared up
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2005
      Yesterday I found myself in the midst of a dance with the
      dragon of physical pain. My on-again off-again history of
      trouble with back pain had flared up several days ago and
      just managing the long drive to work or making it through the
      day eluded me unless fortified with medicine for pain. I left
      work counting the minutes to when I would next let myself
      take some more medicine once I arrived at home.

      I stopped myself short from getting straight onto the highway
      with the reminder that I was near the shopping club where I
      wanted to buy some birthday prasad to bring to New York. I
      mustered my strength and decided to stop there on the way
      home even though my current condition would probably delay
      the intended timing of my next visit to New York.

      Once back in the car with my purchases in the trunk, I was
      greeted with bright setting sunshine to the West beckoning
      beyond the dark stormy clouds that surrounded my car. I
      fleetingly thought of rainbows when I saw a few raindrops on
      the windshield but dismissed the notion with a sigh knowing
      that I certainly couldn't crane my neck today in careful
      lookout for one as I drove home. No, my attention quickly
      settled into the task of surviving a long ride in the car
      where each bump in the road felt like a shock to my system.

      As I drove towards the highway, without having to hunt or
      chase it, I suddenly saw part of a rainbow to the right of
      the road soaring up above the houses and trees alongside the
      street I drove on. Oh my God! I actually had my camera with
      me and had never actually taken a picture of a rainbow since
      my photographic journeying began earlier this year.

      I looked for a sidestreet to pull off the road and finally
      settled for a dirt driveway which bordered a field and
      farmhouse. Practically right above me a huge full rainbow
      shone brighter and brighter. A hint of a double rainbow even
      appeared on the left and right sides of the arch. I clicked
      away and finally got back in the car and drove to a street on
      the other side to try to get pictures without the utility
      poles and wires going across the bottom of the right side of

      And wouldn't you know it! That rainbow lifted me out of my
      pain that moment much better than Motrin (the painkiller
      medicine). I made my way home with improved spirits despite
      knowing that my physical condition meant I would not be
      traveling to New York as soon as I had wished. I skipped my
      evening dose and lasted until 11 am today before succumbing
      to more medicine.

      What synchronicity indeed that my sighting and photograph of
      this rainbow coincided precisely with the day that
      Inspiration-Letters came out with an article where I describe
      my propensity for chasing rainbows. I now feel that I just
      received the best possible birthday present a few days early
      to compensate for being unable to manage a trip to New York.
      I have posted a few photos of the rainbow in my miscellany
      gallery album at http://tinyurl.com/d4pak

      I've been chasing rainbows for a while with the wish to have
      a photo to accompany the Inspiration-Letters article. Like I
      say in that article that the inner rainbow of mankind is even
      more beautiful, I have to echo the sentiment that this outer
      rainbow is more beautiful because it lifted me temporarily
      out of pain and seemed to offer the message that God is
      orchestrating a grand symphony which can still include
      blessing moments of synchronicity to remind us that we are
      never far removed from God's love for us all.

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