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Re: The Secrets of Perfection-Flames

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  • snehashila2
    Dear Doris, How very nice to read your comments about our visit to that amazing enterprise that Abarita has given birth and life to. It was a most incredible
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2005
      Dear Doris,

      How very nice to read your comments about our visit to that amazing enterprise that
      Abarita has given birth and life to. It was a most incredible experience to visit it once
      again. About 3 or 4 years ago I had been there on another visit with Sri Chinmoy. This
      time I found such advancement and such beauty -- yes, beauty in the remarkable order
      that allows such a successful enterprise to thrive.

      Doris, I am sorry we did not get the opportunity to chat while I was there but I did love
      seeing where you all work so industriously and with such a heart....full of the Supreme's
      Blessings. I would love to work there myself. It really inspired me!

      Much love, Snehashila

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      > The "Secrets of Perfection-Flames" is an enterprise that produces
      > vegetarian food like Tofu and other soy-products and a fermented
      > drink called "Chi" in different flavours.
      > We are around 35 workers and we are all students of Sri Chinmoy. Our
      > company consists of two buildings. One of them houses the offices
      > and the other one the production place with all the machines. We
      > have a big meditation room and a kitchen where we are cooking for
      > everybody. We are like a big family.
      > In a big family, as I remember from a friend who has five children,
      > often everything is absolutely chaotic, something I am still
      > struggling with. Every minute situations can change like in soap
      > opera how I like to call it.
      > From september 10th to 13th we were happy to have Sri Chinmoy with
      > us in Switzerland. (We heard about his concert in Interlaken where
      > he played 170 instruments in a previous post.)
      > Of course we also had many visiting students with us. A car with
      > five Russian boys came, three Russian girls came by plane, some
      > Yugoslavian disciples came by train and some I did not even know.
      > Everyday I would see a new face; our enterprise became a real home
      > for many students. When I would go down I would meet people who
      > prepared or bagged prasad (blessed food), when I walked up I met a
      > group of people looking around, an hour later it would be another
      > group...It was like in a hive. It gave me much joy that our
      > enterprise can be a host for so many people. Prachar would sit
      > somewhere and working on his laptop, in the dining hall would people
      > have breakfast; at one moment it was Hiyamala (well spelled?), the
      > next moment it would be Golapendu, Salil, Bodhananda, Chidananda...
      > From the office level I could hear Snehashila talking with someone.
      > Ashrita and others would jump down the stairs the way usually our
      > boys are doing.
      > Now everybody is gone and the house is filled with silence, what I
      > used to call absolutely chaotic. It is not; it is a place that
      > soulfully thinks of all our brother and sister disciples far and
      > near, that had come to see their Master and had a good time with us.
      > Doris :-)
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