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marathon joy

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  • franmbc
    There have been lots of postings about this year s Self- Transcendence Marathon on August 25th. For those who d like to re- live the great day, there are many
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2005
      There have been lots of postings about this year's Self-
      Transcendence Marathon on August 25th. For those who'd like to re-
      live the great day, there are many photos now in the gallery:


      I'm fascinated to read the stories posted by the faster runners - my
      mind boggles because I am an "enthusiastic slow plodder". It always
      thrills me to see the fast runners flying by, and astonishes me that
      they are long finished while I still have many miles to go.

      This year's marathon was not my best time (5:33) but it was
      absolutely my best ever marathon experience (my 7th). I hadn't
      managed to train much this year, but because I love this marathon so
      much I decided to do it anyway using a run/walk system of 8 minutes
      running/2 minutes walking.

      For the first couple of miles my mind was repeating some kind of
      mantra telling me how crazy this attempt was and generally trying to
      make me feel miserable. However, on the second lap I saw Sri
      Chinmoy - he was driving the beside the course in the reverse
      direction, meditating on all the runners as they went by. This
      cheered me up immensely and gave me a feeling of confidence and
      assurance. I stopped thinking about the distance ahead and applied
      myself to only the next mile and to keeping cheerful.

      As the miles ticked by my joy increased, and going at a slower pace
      meant that I was really able to observe the increadible beauty of
      the lake, with its birdlife and wildflowers. My mind finally
      surrendered and accepted the simple role of just dealing with the
      stopwatch and remembering when to drink, leaving my heart free to
      run and smile. I was having such a beautiful inner experience that
      I was almost (note that I say "almost"!) sorry to arrive at the last
      lap and finally cross the finish line.

      I'm so grateful to Sri Chinmoy for initiating this special marathon,
      not just for the great race-day experience, but also for the joy and
      inspiration so many of us get during the year while we are preparing
      and training. My lack of training this year, due to injury and
      illness, really underlined for me by its abscence what a
      transformative experience this annual marathon has had on my life.

      In gratitude,

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