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Re: Are you a World Harmony Philosopher?

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  • one_prachar
    A response in triptych... 1) World Harmony Run is a flame. When a flame touches ready fuel, we know what happens: fire bursts forth and spreads. Both fuel and
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 2, 2005
      A response in triptych...

      1) World Harmony Run is a flame.

      When a flame touches ready fuel, we know what happens: fire bursts
      forth and spreads. Both fuel and flame are needed. Here the fuel is
      the inner hunger for harmony which is in each individual heart and the
      world heart. Just as a flame is useless without fuel to burn, so the
      World Harmony Run is meaningless without this inner hunger.
      Fortunately, such a hunger is everywhere, offering plenty of
      combustible fuel for a mighty bonfire of oneness, joy and harmony.

      And this bonfire is also ... World Harmony Run.


      2) World Harmony Run is a song.

      A song lives wherever it is sung, a blossoming of light and joy
      painting bright the halls of every heart it fills. It may be composed
      by someone in one place, and performed by another in another place,
      yet neither composer nor performer can own the song. Once it is sung
      inside any heart, it is owned by that heart. Even so, each heart which
      embraces the World Harmony Run can claim World Harmony Run as its own.
      It is property of the oneness-happiness-heart of humanity. As
      everyone owns this song-run, so everyone can interpret and express it
      in his or her own way. And each will be perfectly correct, each
      expression of each happy heart a melody, rhythm or cadence melding
      into an ever-widening harmony.

      And this universal symphony of heart-songs is also ... World Harmony


      3) World Harmony Run is a journey.

      This is no slow boat. This is an urgent, accelerating run, run, run,
      run, run, run! It is the flight of human consciousness abandoning the
      mire of division-mind for the liberation of our common heart-sky. It
      is the quest for "the oneness and fullness of Tomorrow's Sun," that
      state of complete, radiant, blissful fulfillment which is the
      immediate goal and destiny of evolving humankind. This destination is
      ours, but not if we just sit around. As movement invites the goal, we
      must move purposefully forward, we must run and in running discover
      our destination is already here, within. For those who are running,
      "we ARE..." [not "we shall be..."] "...the oneness and fullness of
      Tomorrow's Sun." This journey IS our destination.

      And this destination is also ... World Harmony Run.

      posted by Prachar

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, sumangali_m
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Perhaps the World Harmony Run defies explanation. Its events and the
      > people whom it meets may be described - and how beautifully they
      > are - but perhaps not its essence. Its energy is elemental; its
      > purpose, elementary to the heart, remains a cipher to the
      > In the same way that such simple things as air or meditation defy
      > description, its essence is a common denominator. Such things need
      > explanation, thus words have not been created with which to explain
      > It may be that other things are more explanatory than explanation
      > itself. By listening to Sri Chinmoy’s World-Harmony-Run
      Song, by
      > seeing the eyes of a child holding the Torch, by reading reports of
      > the valiant runners, surely anyone can understand.
      > ...And when one does, perhaps one may be moved, enthused, comforted
      > its message, and thus be motivated to seek more keenly the same goal
      > in one's own life. By its nature, the World Harmony Run’s
      story is
      > about everyone, and thus (perhaps) needs no further introduction.
      > Sumangali
      > * * *
      > If truth comes first
      > In your life,
      > Then you do not have to
      > Explain anything to the world,
      > For your eyes become
      > The explanation of all things
      > Big and small.
      > Sri Chinmoy
      > #2656, Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 27
      > (unofficial)
      > --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, mateszekely
      > <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > > Dear friends,
      > >
      > > I FEEL what the World Harmony Run is, and how it can foster
      > > harmony in the world, but I find it hard to explain with words.
      So I
      > > am asking for your kind explanations, short or
      > > ones for my personal joy (and for those that read this site), and
      > > maybe for further use in kids/grown-ups education/communication.
      > > don't feel shy! It is not public examination...
      > >
      > > Mate
      > >
      > > PS
      > >
      > > "...My life-teacher teaches me:
      > > Everybody can reach out
      > > For a star."
      > >
      > > Sri Chinmoy
      > >
      > > [full poem here: http://tinyurl.com/9xkjz%5d
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