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Ganapati's and Arohan's Birthday

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  • nayak_ltp
    October 7 is dawning upon us, and it is Ganapati s and Arohan s Birthday. It is several other people s birthday as well. Happy Birthday to all of them.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2003
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      October 7 is dawning upon us, and it is Ganapati's and Arohan's
      Birthday. It is several other people's birthday as well.
      Happy Birthday to all of them.

      Ganapati is remembered for his friendliness to everyone, and also for
      a wonderful compliment that Sri Chinmoy paid to him. Once at one of
      our ultra-races (47-miler, I believe), Ganapati walked around and
      around the course singing Sri Chinmoy's songs so soulfully that the
      Master commented on it a day or two later. It made us all feel good,
      because he had helped us runners so much with his singing.

      Arohan, the great pianist and leader of the Boston Center, has been
      delighting us with his humor and good temperament for years, plus his
      piano performances. Perhaps you do not know that Arohan and Pratibha
      (Madal Bal bakery, NY) are brother and sister, which is a great boost
      to the Centre. To have family members in multiples join the path adds
      the strength of family ties to the oneness of our group. For quite a
      long period (perhaps continuing) Sri Chinmoy has been calling upon
      Arohan and Sangati to sing for us at various functions.

      Happy birthday to the two of you. This is the anniversary of your
      soul's promise to the Supreme, a very great occasion.

      Here is a poem-question that everyone, including me, should ask
      themselves on their birthday:

      Poem 9352

      On your birthday
      Muster the courage to ask yourself
      Two bold questions:
      "Why did I come to earth?"
      "Am I making satisfactory progress
      In my spiritual life?"

      Sri Chinmoy, Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, Part 94

      For other writings by Sri Chinmoy about the soul and birthdays, go to

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GANAPATI AND AROHAN. And, from the directory, we
      can also wish happy birthday to:
      Christopher R
      Daniel L
      Jane N


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