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My mother and Sri Chinmoy

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  • nayak_ltp
    In 1980 Sri Chinmoy met my mother at the University of Washington. Hiyamillar was the photographer for his visit, and he captured an immortal photo of my
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2003
      In 1980 Sri Chinmoy met my mother at the University of Washington.
      Hiyamillar was the photographer for his visit, and he captured an
      immortal photo of my mother with a beautiful smile and Sri Chinmoy
      with a beautiful smile as they spoke with each other.

      This was a wonderful moment, as every son wants the parents, or
      anyone close, to be blessed by such a meeting. Who has done more than
      our parents? We love them so much, so this is our gift back to them.

      My mother was always very favorable to Sri Chinmoy and highly
      approved of our involvement with this group. For years the Centre
      meetings were held in our house, and during this period my mother was
      occasionally on hand and enjoyed the other students so much. She was
      also instrumental in raising our two children, and even now Bishwas
      remembers her making warm ovaltine for them to drink. My father left
      earth in 1974, just after I joined the path, so he never had the
      opportunity to meet our Master.

      Years earlier, I had wanted to become a Buddhist monk in Thailand,
      and the Buddhist order required that I have my parents permission,
      even though I was 30. I wrote to my parents and asked for their
      permission, which they gave, though later my father, a confirmed
      atheist, wondered why I had to do this kind of thing. My mother was
      all support, as she always was for my spiritual life. I am grateful
      to my father for teaching me how to earn a living, but my mother kept
      the spiritual spark alive.

      Being a monk for a few months prepared me for this path, and I am
      grateful for that.

      Back to this meeting between my mother and Sri Chinmoy. He had just
      given a concert in Kane Hall at the University of Washington. It was
      a successful concert, with lots of people (for that period¬óbefore the
      mega-concerts), and everyone felt very good. I was escorting Sri
      Chinmoy back to the car, and just as we were getting in the elevator,
      Nandita asked me if I should not ask Sri Chinmoy to meet my mother,
      who had attended the concert.. I was so caught up in my own little
      world of enjoyment of our Master's presence, that I had forgotten my
      own mother! There probably was a little conscious forgetting, too,
      because at that stage of her life my mother was a little eccentric,
      and I probably did not know how to handle it. Anyway, this selfish
      little brat asked Sri Chinmoy if he would like to meet my mother, and
      he immediately stepped out of the elevator and we went over to her.
      For an eternally beautifully minute or two the two of them chatted
      and she shook his hand. Hiyamillar was taking pictures from every
      angle. This immortal photo sits on the dresser in my room, and I see
      it every night and more often. I love it, and I am so grateful to my
      mother for everything she did for me, and to Sri Chinmoy for giving
      her and me this blessing.


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