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Re: Big day: ultra-race awards, concert

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  • matt_boulton73
    Nayak, Thank you for the wonderful message about the ultra-trio awards. When I read it, I could really picture myself there at Aspiration-Ground, watching it
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 29, 2003
      Thank you for the wonderful message about the ultra-trio awards. When
      I read it, I could really picture myself there at Aspiration-Ground,
      watching it all unfold with my own eyes. It wasn't so long ago that I
      got to sit down on the court on a big chair, for the 3100-mile race
      awards ceremony! It definitely gives me inspiration to start training
      for next year's race...or at least to start thinking about training!
      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, nayak_ltp
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Today we had a double-header event at the Aspiration-Ground Tennis
      > Court. First came the award ceremony for the ultra trio, the 1300-
      > mile and 1000 and 700-mile races. Sri Chinmoy arrived early for the
      > 3 p.m. ceremony, and the runners filtered in until the place was full
      > at 3 p.m. The runners were like glorious but wounded soldiers, some
      > barely walking. You could see the victory of the race in their
      > bodies, and almost every one of them was pleasant and smiling. One
      > commented to me that it was like a different world, being finished
      > with the race and back at the tennis court with Sri Chinmoy.
      > Sahishnu did a terrific job of introducing the ceremony. You felt in
      > his voice his love of this event and all the hard work that went
      > through the hands and hearts of the support staff to bring it off. He
      > had a nice touch of humor that just added to the dignity of the
      > moment. Then, one by one, the runners were introduced, all 20 of
      > them, including Don Winkley who was not present but had broken some
      > world records in his stay at the course but who had left before the
      > full term of the run. The man and woman winners of each event
      > received their trophy from the hands of Sri Chinmoy--surely an honor--
      > and every other runner individually received a warm smile of
      > appreciation from him, as well.
      > The runners were celebrities for this ceremony. After days of quite
      > anonymous running (who can witness all of the steps, all of the
      > miles, who can feel it in the intimate way that the runners
      > themselves feel it--that is why I say "anonymous"), after all of this
      > running, the runners were the center of attention, sitting down on
      > the court on big chairs with Sri Chinmoy in front of them and
      > hundreds of appreciative supporters in the audience.
      > Each runner has to be appreciated fully and each of the core support
      > team was very self-sacrificing. Without saying that anyone at all is
      > better than anyone, I do wish to say that some individuals stood out
      > for me. Paula from Austria, who won the 1000-miler for the women,
      > was a heart melter as she received her award. You could feel her
      > simplicity and her gratitude as she gazed at Sri Chinmoy and wore her
      > victory garland on her dear head. Chanakhya, a real veteran of the
      > ultra-runs, and one of the most likable people on earth, received
      > enormous applause as he took his award. Chanakhya is so into running
      > and so involved with it that hardly a runner has not felt a good push
      > from him. Rupantar got a nice shower of applause as he took his
      > prasad. This self-effacing individual always does what is needed,
      > without blowing his trumpet, and he is the director of this
      > enormously complicated event. And, I mentioned Sahishnu above.
      > After the award ceremony, Sri Chinmoy presented a birthday present to
      > ultra-runner Trishul Cherns' wife. Trishul and his wife are familiar
      > figures participating in and supporting local ultra-running.
      > After a break of about 15 minutes, Sri Chinmoy offered a concert, as
      > he does most months on the 27th. Today is the 20th anniversary of his
      > cello playing, as Lotika pointed out in a companion message at this
      > site. While he announced that he will observe the cello anniversary
      > on this Friday, he played on several other instruments, including
      > esraj, Western flute, sitar, Hawaiian guitar, and a unique instrument
      > prepared by Dhanu: the great musician Sri Chinmoy wore a pair of
      > gloves, and each time he tapped his fingers or slapped his hands,
      > there was a chorus (or single note) of percussion sounds, including,
      > successively, drum, cymbal, and others. Very nice! In voting after
      > the concert, I voted for that instrument as my favorite, though the
      > esraj won, as people responded to the Maestro's request that we pass
      > by him and vote for our favorite.
      > At the end of the concert there was a lavish prasad of 20 items (for
      > the 20th cello anniversary), including an Indian alu pie handed by
      > the Master, and still warm, and delicious, and then the balance of
      > the giant prasad was taken from in front of him. It was a wonderful
      > afternoon and evening, and four hours with our hero teacher was
      > enough to put everyone, even the worst pessimist, in a great mood.
      > Thanks to all of you who post such interesting things about our path
      > at this site.
      > Yours,
      > Nayak
      > To see photos of the final day at the race, go to
      > http://www.srichinmoyraces.us/s_c/gallery/usa_races/2003_ultratrio/Sep
      > t27Gallery/index4.htm
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