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The 3100 Mile Race Live!

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  • ahelee_sf
    I just returned home from New York after a work related trip that allowed me quite a bit of time before and after the event to attend the 3100 Mile Race. Many
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2003
      I just returned home from New York after a work related trip that
      allowed me quite a bit of time before and after the event to attend
      the 3100 Mile Race.

      Many of you have seen this race or parts of it and understand just
      what it looks like. But the amazing thing about the Sri Chinmoy Races
      site is that the world is kept current with the news and inspired

      The first thing I want to share with you is this. The 3100 mile
      runners start looking for Sahishnu well before he is due at race site
      after finishing up at The Smile of the Beyond. Why? Your email
      messages!! You cannot imagine how much it means to them to receive
      your words of encouragement everyday! They actually each carry the
      message book they are bound into, around the course to read while
      they are running! The smiles on their faces... maybe even a few happy
      tears are really heart wrenching to see. The second day I was there,
      I commented to Matt about the book and he got that happy "Matt
      smile" on his face and said, "Oh yes! I get alot of them from home!"
      Abichal seems to have taken on the suggested Celtic Warrior image
      that came from his friend's message! And well, Namitaba… I can't
      understand the language he is receiving messages in – but whatever it
      is that his brothers are writing is certainly helping our champion
      maintain some outstanding and happy running as he nears his finish in
      the next few days!
      I imagine the miles following the arrival of the book are some of the
      best of the day!

      I arrived on Sunday July 20th at night. There are always new people
      visiting -coming and going and the regular crew: counters, drivers,
      food delivery people, massage/chiropractors, musicians, singers - and
      Suprabha's endless stream of supportive girl friends. Dharma,
      Trishul's dog. Race organizers, Rupantar, Sahishnu, Sandhani,
      Bipin and so many more. There is never a huge crowd, but always a few
      to cheer a name out or offer a hand.

      I especially loved that Chandika's group comes in the evening to
      practice their songs right there on the course! I watched the runners
      go around and around the course with headphones on listening to their
      tapes. But as soon as they came close to the musicians, off come
      their earphones to hear the live music. It was so sweet!

      Something that always strikes me about the 3100 Mile Runners each
      time I have been to the race, is the lightness with which they run.
      Even the larger muscular Andreas seems to barely touch the ground
      with every step – as light as Suprabha! I think it is a very good
      image to cement in my mind for my own running! As light and quiet as
      they seem on the outside though – inside they each surely have a
      roar of determination strength that must be deafening!

      If you are reading this from New York –
      Please go out and see the runners!
      Bring and aphorism or an avocado!
      If you are reading this from somewhere out in the world –
      Please send them an encouraging message!
      San Francisco
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