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9997Happy 2005 One and All \(*o*)/

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  • snehashila2
    Jan 1, 2005
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      I actually came online today to give you the New Year Message
      but see that others have come through with it. Isn't it
      wonderful? I was so thrilled to hear it. And just minutes
      later Dhanu phoned from China to give it to me and so I asked if
      Sri Chinmoy had said anything about this message when he gave it
      out. Dhanu's answer was that so far there was none. It hardly needs
      any explanation, but oftentimes I remember Guru saying some
      things, and this is what I wanted to learn. I am happy just to
      know this will be the year of the mind-astonishment, the heart-
      government, and the life-fulfilment.

      Happiest New Year to all my friends on this very
      special new beginning day!