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9989Re: The Grateful Daughter (a visit home)

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  • sumangali_m
    Jan 1, 2005
      Aha! Pavitrata! Why, thank you. I shall cherish such a star. I am
      sure your praise is genuine, and does not reflect a guilty
      conscience? Of course I immediately forgave your criticism of my
      writing (delivered in person) last week.

      I forgave firstly because of the immense size and weight of the box
      of chocolate biscuits you had already revealed to us all, followed
      fairly closely by the box disclosing the exquisite refinement of its
      contents. (How politely you waited in those long moments, cup of tea
      in hand, for me to stop chatting about empty trifles and take off the

      I forgave secondly because the criticism did not come anywhere near
      as spontaneously as the praise preceding it. I am quite sure you
      would have been comfortable to let the praise stand alone, but it
      seems one of our company was not so disposed, insisting that praise
      is more credible when tempered with a criticism. Glad of the
      opportunity to reinforce an already formidable friendship
      (undoubtedly reaching back beyond Jurassic times), you complied.

      I forgave thirdly because of the wholly clement nature of the
      criticism. Milk could not have been milder. Thus you appeased your
      peer (and my dear Centre Leader), whilst hardly even denting the
      praise. I surprised even myself with the un-political-correctness of
      my reply however:

      "Flowery?" I said, "I'm a girl; I'm allowed to be

      In 2005 may your trifles never be empty, and all cellophane be
      quickly breached.


      PS. Please note: I am spending my first message of 2005 replying to
      you. That signifies that under a jocular exterior, someone somewhere
      is valuing your opinion, and basking in gratitude for your

      PPS. I intend my next offering to be a rather longer response to
      Snehashila's lovely message in the same thread. Her message
      served to reveal some more distant memories in the shaded groves of
      my mind, and today I must do something about organising them into
      words. If I post this now, then there will be no getting out of it
      will there? Anyway, what else is there to do when grounded by flu on
      New Year's Day? Yes I mean flu, not just a cold; you know girls
      don't exaggerate illnesses. ;-)

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, pavitrata27
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Sumangali
      > This is such a lyrical and evocative piece of writing. Gold star!
      > Pavitrata
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