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  • sssssanjay
    Jul 12, 2003
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      At a meditation last night in NYC with Sri Chinmoy, he asked his male students who
      have been studying with him upwards of 25 years to come and share with everyone
      one of their lofty spiritual experiences.

      Needless to say, it was incredibly inspiring to hear in how many ways people have
      been touched and uplifted through these significant experiences. Some people
      described visions, others had difficulty trying to describe experiences of the Beyond,
      while some experiences were of seemngly casual contact with the teacher that ended
      up triggering profound inner emotions.

      It was interesting that some people did not have visions, rather their expansion of
      consciousness was a defining experience.

      Once Sri Chinmoy was asked if spiritual experiences were necessary for
      enlightenment. In the answer he also said in a way that experiences of a high order
      can be quite subtle, marked by an expansion of consciousness rather than by a visual
      experience. He answered

      No. There can be many roads leading to the same goal.One road may have many
      beautiful flowers on either side;another road may have only a few blooms; a third
      roadmay have none at all. If each of three seekers selects a different road according
      to his soul's need and preference, each of them will reach the ultimate goal.

      Of course, experiences do give you additional confidence in yourself. They also give
      enormous delight. They encourage you and energize you to march farther and
      farther. And while you are having the experiences, you may feel the
      presence of an invisible Guide within your being, pushing you towards the light of
      Truth so that you may be blessed with full realization. But you can also have full and
      complete realization without so-called "experiences." One's expanding
      consciousness, as one grows into God, is itself a solid experience.

      Sanjay Rawal

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