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9682Joy day in Cardiff

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  • shane_dublincentre
    Dec 14, 2004
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      Myself and Colm spent the last couple of days in Cardiff, Wales being
      treated like kings. After missing our chauffeur ride in from the
      airport (solely bacause we didnt expect it and thus made our way
      into the city ourselves) the chauffeur (Suswara) dutifully came back
      into Cardiff, picked us up and drove us to see some cliffs. We had a
      nice hour's walk and seaside meditation before darkness fell, and got
      to see Ed do a bit of unicycling! Then Christmas dinner in Charana's
      place, lots of soy turkey which tasted very much like the real thing.
      Next time I'm there, I'll be sure to try out the upstairs
      jacuzzi/bubbly bath which "just happened to be there when we bought
      it", according to Charana. The next day, we had a nice before-sunrise
      run around the grounds of Cardiff Castle and a mighty breakfast
      courtesy of Roger. Now, bear in mind that all this had happened before
      the Joy Day had even begun!

      The Joy day itself was short, but very sweet. The two of us, along
      with Steve from Cambridge, did up a skit based on a Monty Python
      sketch followed by a slightly more soulful offering from the girls.
      Then came present time...we had each contributed one present to a
      lucky dip in which we took turns rummaging around to see what we could
      get. I appear to have got a stripy cow with a hole where its stomach
      should be and its head extricated in a plastic bag which may or may
      not be part of the present....it's going straight up on the
      mantelpiece. Colm had to get an evening flight home (he had an exam in
      Galway the next day!) but I was flying out the next day so I stayed in
      Roger's again, and passed a lovely evening watching Mahabharata episodes.

      The next morning we drove up the the mountains north of Cardiff to get
      in a little walking before I had to catch my plane. The fog was really
      thick, so we couldnt see for too far around us, we would look out over
      a crag and see only nothingness. There is great stillness about
      mountain country which I never tire of when I walk, I feel sometimes
      that I am the only unstill thing there.

      Back in Dublin, I was cycling home when I felt my digital recorder
      going off in my bag. Two people were talking: "Hmm, that sounds
      familiar" I thought. It was Roger and I talking in the mountains that
      morning! It was funny listening to myself...for someone who doesnt
      care too much for the human faculty of opinion, I'm fairly
      opinionated!....Actually, that was one of the really good things about
      the trip, the chance to have big long chats with people on (mostly)
      spiritual matters. Thanks to Roger, Ed, Steve, Charana and Richard in
      particular for patiently managing to cram a few wise words in edgeways.

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