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  • erika2713
    Nov 10, 2004
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      I suppose as a child there seemed to be one quality that I had that
      always stood out and that is my determination.

      Looking back even through school I always set myself goals.
      Although most of them were academic (in comparison to my 7 year old
      who is totally sports orientated). I always was able to achieve

      I believe that this was in preparation for the spiritual life where
      goals are to be set and then to be achieved. I remember Prashanta
      telling me (when I was a new student) that Sri Chinmoy suggested
      that we set ourselves some goals at the start of the New Year
      (coming up soon). These goals are for us to strive towards for the
      coming year. They can be as easy as doing 10 pushups everyday but
      something that may be a little more challenging than usual.

      I would be interested to hear what goals students have set and
      whether they had challenges in acheiving their goals.

      If you travel all the time
      On the wings of hope,
      And not
      On the wings of determination,
      You are not going to succeed
      In the battlefield of life.

      Sri Chinmoy

      A determined poster.

      Erika - Melbourne
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